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  1. Thanks. I will check them out if all the other things I am trying do not work out.
  2. Thanks Mary, You have given us much to chew on. He just received a shot of penicillin but will contact the pediatrician about using one of the other antibiotics too. Will check Vitamin D level. We are doing the following probiotics and other vitamins: Biotics: Ortho Molecular Products - Ortho Biotic 1 per day Trader Joes - Acidophilus 1 per day but looking at bottle, very weak compared to other Also taking: Ortho Molecular Products -Mitocore Ortho Molecular Products -Olive Leaf Extract Ortho Molecular Products -InflammaCORE banana shake Will have him take Omega 3 too. I will l
  3. My 13 year old son Nicholas has been diagnosed with severe OCD possibly caused by PANDAS. I initially found out about PANDAS at a Psychiatrist's office. He asked my wife and I if our son had Strep throat recently. It was June 2015 but we mentioned that he had a very bad sore throat in December 2014. We said maybe. The doctor told us that in certain circumstances, Strep could lead to PANDAS caused OCD. Possible we thought but he needed to get us contact info so then he put our son on Lexapro (2.5 mg to start and then slowly bumped up to 15 mg). It became intolerable to him after about 6 weeks o
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