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  1. caseyp57

    Coconut Allergy Info

    Thanks Caroline. I'm also trying to find petroleum free shampoos and this involves research as I'm not sure what the synthetic stuff is derived from. But we did find the Kiss My face soap and it has a nice scent; I'm trying to convince my son he should try using it to wash his hair but have been so far unsuccessful. Anyways thanks again.
  2. caseyp57

    Coconut Allergy Info

    Carolyn, Thanks for providing this list. My son who has high functioning autism (which is/can be related in some ways to Tourette's or so I've been told) has horrible skin problems and is allergic to coconut-- also protoleum products and a number of other things. I knew to watch out for glycerine because it sometimes comes from coconut but I didn't realize they had added it to the fish oil I was breaking apart to put in his olive oil. He doesn't have acne but they think it is a type of pityriasis, though the biopsy was not totally conclusive. He does get better in the summer months when he goes into the sun. Anyways I wanted to ask you what you meant about Johnston and Johnston baby soap as when I looked it up it did contain some of these products you had listed. Possibly I have the wrong product and I will look in the stores but please respond if you get this to let me know any more information you have ton this. I will look for the kiss my face soap for him in the store too. Thanks.