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  1. Isa hasnt done this in awhile but Im using you all to tell me what is normal weird kid behavior and what is not. I have no other children and Ive never been around young kids so I dont know.


    Isa went over a period of a week or two where she would chew on the wood furniture, just gnaw on it....anyone else ever heard of this or have a child that does this?

  2. Okay, Im having no luck making gluten free casein free bread. Ive tried white rice flour and Ive also tried Bobs Mills Gluten Free All Purpose Flour...no luck!! Doesnt rise well and comes out dry and like a brick. Ive seen Bobs bread mixes and hesitate to get them because they are so expensive...help please!

  3. She has been on soy milk for a long time. Off of casein for 6 weeks or so now. I did notice that the gluten free stuff I got here has ALOT of corn in it.


    I emailed you at your email address yesterday, did you get it? I seem to be having an issue with my computer where sometimes my mail doesnt get to its destination. Send me a message on here if you didnt get it.

  4. Isa used to have really bad tics, full arm tics with both arms, legs , shrugs, hand to nose, hand to brow etc. We took her off of casein and her tics reduced drastically. We decided to try her off of gluten to see if that would help in any other way. Yesterday was her first day off, in the afternoon she had a few full arm tics and today she had a full arm tic. Now I know most of you would LOVE for their child to only have those few tics but she hadnt had a full arm tic since she went off of casein and now all of a sudden she is tic-ing again when we go off of gluten...any suggestions?

  5. I know alot of walmart brand foods will say gluten free if they are safe but Ive read some of their labels and cant find wheat or gluten or barley or rye or any of that but it doesnt say gluten free so does that mean its not okay even though I see nothing on the ingredient list?


    Also, Isa doesnt have celiac disease so do I really need to be careful of things that dont have gluten in them but are processed in a plant that also processes gluten?


    Thank you so much for that flour recipe, does that measure at a 1 to 1 ratio of regular flour?


    Also when your family went off of gluten did you all feel better or just the ones who had issues with gluten?


    I was thinking of keeping Isa gluten free and us not , for example make us regular pasta but her gluten free to save on costs but Im wondering if we may feel better off of gluten as well.

  6. I havent read the other responses so Im sorry if I repeat what someone else says. Taking dairy (all but eggs) out of my daughters diet helped my daughter tremendously. Within a week her tics were greatly reduced. She went from having several episodes a day where she would tic every other second with full arm tics in both arms and sometimes legs to only having tics once or twice a day and they were minimal tics that only I notice. A stranger wouldnt pick up on them.

  7. I can always count on you for great information, thank you so much!


    Yesterday she was SO hyper and we were trying to figure out what she may have had to eat. She had been eating homemade rolls ALL DAY, seriously she had like 8, they had eggs ( which she doesnt react to) soy milk (so no milk) sugar, and lots of flour. Can gluten cause hyperactivity?


    I never thought of cutting it out and then reintroducing it, I was only thinking of looking at her behavior off of gluten so thank you so much for that tip!

  8. Just this morning I did look up the books at the library, the only one they had is actually the one that you mentioned. I requested it (its at a different library) Im looking foward to all the info.


    Isa's constipation has cleared up but she is also on medicine for that. Im wondering if maybe going gluten free will help that too.

  9. I am overwhelmed with all of the information so please excuse me if I repeat things or sound a bit flaky. Isa was tested for food allergies and celiac disease, she came up negative for all of them. Do those tests pick up on food sensitivities or just allergies? The doc just suggested that we take out dairy for her constipation, he said that the food allergy tests arent very accurate and the only way to see is just to take it away and see if it helps. It helped! ALOT.


    Im wondering though as I said before if taking away gluten might help with some of her crazy impulsive behavior. Sometimes she gets on the couch and runs back and forth as fast as she can, she will flip off the end of it and land on her back and get back up and start running again. You cant stop her at all. She runs around the house like she is possessed. Its gotten better but at one point in time she would do it every day at about 5 PM. She also doesnt seem to understand some things Im telling her. I will tell her to do something and she will just stare at me. She wont potty train, she doesnt listen to us well. She tantrums.


    I am 1/4+ Irish and my husband is 1/2 Irish.


    But we are very very tight on money, can a family of 3 eat gluten free/casein free on $80 a week?

  10. Caryn,


    Thank you so much for all that information! Is Casein found in goat cheese too?


    I went to the books store and couldnt find one book on Casein free cooking (according to the computer at the store none have ever been published) but there were some on Casein Free/Gluten Free. This makes me think that they go hand in hand, sort of like if you do better without one you probably will do better without the other.


    Does anyone here have a child that cant eat Casein but can eat Gluten

  11. 1. What foods was your child sensitive to?

    2. Did eliminating them reduce tics, and if so how much (no difference, minimal, significant, major)?

    3. Did you notice other changes from elimination of foods, e.g. behavior.

    4. How long did it take to notice a difference (for those that saw any difference)?

    5. Current status (e.g. no longer sensitive)


    So far dairy, Im guessing the Casein in it.


    It reduced tics from multiple episodes a day where she would have a multiple tics every few seconds to only a handful of tics through out the whole day.


    At first she even acted happier, more compliant but lately she is acting oddly again. Im guessing maybe I should cut gluten next.


    It took only a matter of days for tics to start reducing.


    We are still off of dairy, if she does have any she starts to tic the next day.

  12. My daughter is almost three now, almost a year ago she started having tics which I didnt realize were tics at the time. This past summer she started blinking , shrugging, tics where her arms would go up in the air like she was shaking her sleeve down, tics where her arms would form a weird movement like she was conducting a band as well as leg jerks. I took her to the neurologist who diagnosed her with Chronic Multifocal Tic Disorder. He said she needed a vocal tic to have Tourettes...personally I think she does...quite often she will ask me a question and then repeat my answer a few times, he doesnt consider that a vocal tic though. She also has had severe constipation since she was 9 months old. Dark circles under her eyes as well.


    A little over a month ago we took her to the gastro doc for constipation and he did allergy tests and gluten tests and all that fun stuff. It all came back negative but he said to try taking her off milk anyway. We did and within days her tics decreased! (her constipation is better too lol) The dark circles are gone from under her eyes and her behavior improved as well. Im guessing its the casein in the milk products so I would like to put her on a casein free diet. Do I eliminate all caesin from her diet...Ive heard that there are different types.


    Next question...how on earth do you cook without dairy...almost every meal our family loves has dairy in it. What kind of substitutes are out there?

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