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  1. I bought Isa a mini trampoline with full enclosure to help her with her sensory cravings. Its been wonderful, I havent noticed an increase of tics and she didnt get sick but I do know that exercising regularly boosts your immune system BUT right after a work out (in this case the trampoline) your immune system is temporarily suppressed for a couple of hours following your work out. I know this is true for adults so Im guessing probably true for kids. Maybe he was fighting something off and that dip in his immune system was enough for him to get the cold. Not sure if thats the case for him or i
  2. My daughter has a tic disorder/ Tourettes and now is being looked at for autism. She sucks/chews on a lot of things including her hands and clothes. Ive found that giving her really crunchy snacks like carrots have helped, she seems to crave that sort of sensory thing for her mouth. You can also buy chew tubes which honestly look a little bit like a rubber dog toy which is why I havent bought one lol.
  3. My daughter is on the Feingold program and can only have natural products. We use Toms of Maine natural tooth paste and for shampoo, detangler and bubble bath we use Rainbow Kids products unscented. For soap we use plain old basic Ivory.
  4. Woo! You can see your Aspergers through your language alone. Most people dont use words like dichotomy or socraticaly, usually with Aspergers there is an advanced vocabulary and they say things in ways that other people just dont think to. A question I have is how does this affect your marriage? I would imagine it would be very difficult to be married to someone who cant read emotions well considering how emotionally focused women are. This dichotomy is most revealed in the conflicts I have with others. I give them verbal cues without the corresponding intuitive cues they are looking
  5. Just one quick note, make sure you thoroughly research whatever you decide to give your son as far as contraindications and side effects. I saw someone mentioned melatonin, great stuff for sleep, Ive taken it myself. Its important to note that SOME individuals can have vivid dreams and nightmares on it so keep a look out.
  6. I dont have Isa on any supplements or anything like that, as she gets older that will come Im sure. The thing that helped her big time though was taking her off dairy, anything with casein (the protein in the milk) she cant have. Within a week of doing that her tics were greatly reduced. She still has them but not nearly as much as she did. This may or may not work for your child, I guess it depends if he is sensitive to it or not. Also, look into the Feingold program, it has done wonders for her hyperactivity, night terrors and issues such as chewing on herself.
  7. Thank you, I didnt even think of that. She is only three but is starting pre k in the fall. Wednesday is our meeting with the school to see if they want to evaluate her. She functions very well and thanks to a caesin free diet her tics are super manageable. Her issues that are a problem are her sensory issues but the weird thing is that she sort of keeps that under check out in public and then loses it at home.
  8. My problem is that Isa has both vocal (blowing raspberries) AND motor tics but her neurologist wont say she has Tourette's because he says that the line is so fine between tic disorders that he just lumps them all together. This worries me as far as if we dont have a diagnosis how can she get the help she may need? Because of her health issues we are on medicaid (a little emarrassed about that) but they wont let us see another neurologist.
  9. no no your comment didnt upset me, I just wanted to clear up for everyone my motivation for asking the question. I didnt want people feeling like I was defensive about it. I just really dont know where she stands. I guess she does fit the special needs label because of the tics, epilepsy and sensory issues but its just so hard to get that through my head not because I dont want it to be that way but because she is just so darned normal compared to my vision of the special needs child.
  10. I want to clear something up. Im not asking this because Im care what other people think or because Im offended that she would be called special needs. I was asking for my own knowledge because I honestly didnt know if the conditions she has puts her in the special needs category, thats all. when something can really be of help to a child, who cares what other people think
  11. I guess thats what Im asking, if the question is asked by the schools or something like that what do I say? Is she special needs? We have a meeting this week with the schools nurse, behavioral therapist, social worker and speech therapist. I know they will probably determine if she is or not but it just feels so weird to think of her as special needs because there are so many kids out there so much worse, you know? I think the correct answer depends on who is asking and why. I would answer a nosy neighbor with "she has a lot of health/medical issues." But, the school would likely be ask
  12. I really dont care about the term special needs being used for my child if she is truly special needs, Im just having trouble digesting weather she is special needs or not because she is so normal to me. Like sometimes I will say to someone "my daughter has a lot of health issues", if I were asked if she was special needs, what would be the correct answer?? I dont know why I am preoccupied with this question because I highly doubt I would ever label her special needs although I wouldnt be offended if someone else called her special needs....
  13. My daughter has epilepsy, chronic tic disorder with vocal tics as well and sensory issues....is she considered special needs? Ive been wondering about that and have been trying to wrap my brain around it because to me special needs kids are mentally retarded or physically disabled in a wheel chair...I dont know why I even care but Im just wondering.
  14. After learning what our non natural food is made of I will never switch from the Feingold diet even if it werent helping. Trust me, I myself stray from it (my daughter never does) but dang I cant pass up General Tsos chicken. But Ive noticed something in myself too. I normally get migraines daily, now I only get them when Ive had something thats not natural.
  15. For those of you who have followed the Feingold program, I would really appreciate your input. I put my daughter on it 3 weeks ago, not all of her issues are taken care of but they are more manageable and she hasnt had a night terror in 3 weeks, although she has more tics now. My question is , do your kids have days where they are just totally off the wall hyper and loud despite following the diet? She still has days where I think I may lose my mind but Im sure that she hasnt had anything off the program. Any input?
  16. Is it possible that she has some sort of allergy that makes her tics worse? Upstate NY is a much different environment than Florida. Are there some foods she normally eats at home that she doesnt when she goes to NY? Look at ALL the differences, even the ones you think could not possibly make a difference. Just noticed Patty said the same thing. Sorry for the repeat but its good to know its more than just my opinion.
  17. I guess my best advice is clean while you go. If you have 2 minutes while onions are cooking, wash a few dishes. I also love dishes that cook in the oven or the slow cooker, this lets me do the dishes right after Ive used them. I dont know about you but after I eat a full meal I dont feel like doing dishes. Freeze what meals you can, that helps. There is no shame in paper plates either. And breakfast for dinner is always fabulous and creates very few dishes.
  18. We do have Rice Dream right now which I think is just awful. We had 8th continent soy which was amazing and so easy to get used to, wish the rice dream was as easy lol.
  19. Isa cant have casein so we really dont have any other options but soy. Is there anything else you know of I can use as milk and cheese that will go along with the Feingold program? She is on stage one of the program so she cant have grapes or apples at this point. I never give her any processed foods, its always from scratch and thanks to the Feingold program now its natural. She snacks on the natural cereals and stuff like that but I feel like she is so limited right now because of the fruits she cant have. The ones she cant have are the ones she likes the most.
  20. Im looking more for stuff I can make from scratch to save money, we have a very limited food budget, about $80 a week for a family of three including soy milk ($3 per quart) and our household supplies like paper towels, laundry detergent, TP etc.
  21. I know alot of you cook from scratch, I do the same but I havent been for snacks. Can anyone share some recipes for snacks, we just started the feingold plan and Im at a loss. We bought a lot of snack stuff from whole foods but thats an hour drive for us. I would really love to be able to make my own healthy snacks for Isa from stuff I can find around here.
  22. Yes I suppose I should have added that, we are shopping there for casein free and well as Feingold.
  23. Okay, Im driving into Chicago this weekend because they have Whole Foods and Trader Joes there. Ive never been to either, for those of you who have which one do you like better and why? If you have only been to one then what do you like about the one you 've been to?
  24. I worked in the Emergency Services field as an EMT/Firefighter, I also did some time as a dispatcher as well as a hospital officer. I was a military wife for about 6 years as well and was the head of my husbands company Family Readiness Group at Ft Drum. (my husband is now out) I love to cook. I love crafts. I love to work out. I cant find a darned job for the life of me to fit into our families schedules. For those of you who only work one afternoon or a few hours a week, how in the world did you find it??
  25. Faith I would love to see some of his artwork sometime!! He sounds just awesome. Jenny
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