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  1. Another update from daughterincrisis. I received a call from ID doctor the day after our appointment and he offically diagnosed her with PANDAS. Her strep blood tests were (AS0) 940 and B-Nasal ( can't remember what second test was called) 600. He started her on 250 mg twice a day on Keflex for only 10 days and then for the last four days on Rifampin. This is day four and I am totally seeing signs of my old daughter back. My new worry is to find a PANDAS doc that will keep the Keflex going because I know if we stop after 10 days the symptoms will come back. I have a couple of leads to get int
  2. Thanks to all the people that wrote in with advice and sharing their stories. This was very helpful. As a follow up we saw an Infectiouse disease doctor at the hospital in our area. I was told by another parent that this would most likely not turn out well because they do not have the knowledge about Pans/Pandas. After spending over an hour going over everything the doctor did say that it sounds like Pans/Pandas but then he kept asking me if she had been bullied at school. I am so frusterated. I have been to my DD's PCP 5 times since February, started my daughter in therapy, took her to a
  3. Thanks so much Melmix, so sorry about your son. Does anyone know of any specialist in the Michigan or Ohio area?
  4. I live in Michigan and need some names of any PANS/PANDAS Doctors that can be recommened in Michigan or Ohio. If none in Michigan or Ohio than Chicago would be an option. Thanks for the help.
  5. I really need some help. My family is in crisis mode. Before Febuary 23, 2015 my 8 year old daughter who was adopted from guatemala at 5 months old was a lovable young lady. She loved school, had friends, was very athletic, followed rules and was basically a very normal wonderful girl. She was a very easy baby and never really experienced any terrible two's or ever had any problem separating from myself or my husband. This all changed this last February. She came home from school and had a two hour rage that involved hitting me, throwing objects and running around the house out of control. A
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