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  1. We are in exactly the same boat. My 2.5 year old daughter started with the throat clearing tic about 6 weeks ago and it's exactly the same, constant without many breaks at all. So worried about it all. We see her pediatrician again next week and then will follow up with an allergist and a naturopath. I'm not sure what to do but for now we are ignoring it completely and just praying it stops.
  2. Thank you to you both! I have an appointment with her pediatrician next week and in the meantime have been doing tons of research, ordered Sheila's book and am trying to stay as calm as possible. It's the unknown that's so scary. PANS/PANDAS is an interesting thought. She has never had a diagnosed strep infection but did have several ear infections this past year and when she started school she was sick a lot. I am not finding a lot of information on kids as little as 2 with tics. It seems like most get it older. It makes me concerned that she will have them worse/longer, etc...but again, I just don't know. I am hoping, just maybe, that this will be a one time thing? Is that even possible? I wish I had a glimmer of hope that this was going to get better. But at this point I can't even understand why it began to begin with.
  3. My daughter began with a cough/throat clearing "tic" we believe after she had a cold/ear infection about 2 months ago. The "cough" never really went away. Instead it became a noticeable, odd "cough, clearing". I assumed she was dealing with allergies since she was doing it repetitively/daily and it was exactly around spring time. After about six weeks I took her to the pediatrician who said it was a tic and to follow up after getting an x-ray to rule out an obstruction in her throat. No obstruction and I am waiting to take her to see her normal pediatrician as well as our naturopath and an allergist. After reading everything online, I realize that this is in fact a vocal tic. I've been taking notes on when she does it most, how long, etc...but I am in a complete panic. She is a normal, amazing little 2 and a half year old and I am devastated by her developing a possible life disorder. It literally appeared out of thin air. There are no family histories of tics/tourettes/behavioral disorders. She is a bit sensitive and has the normal toddler melt downs from time to time but there is literally nothing else alarming. Can someone shed some light on what else I can do to prepare myself for the road ahead? Other than the doctors I mentioned above, should I be making an appointment to take her to a specialist? I'm concerned our general pediatrician isn't going to have the correct knowledge to direct us appropriately. Any advice from someone who has gone through this with a young child or had similar experiences would be hugely appreciated right now. -teary eyed, worried Mom over here.
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