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  1. gpookie

    will Normal return?

    I wish I had words of encouragement. What you described is exactly my husband. For 20 years since I met him, he exhibited odd behavior, zero executive function, cognitive deficits and arrogance and ODD through the roof. After I nearly had a nervous breakdown five years ago, he had some psych testing: extreme ADHD and NPD. However, with his 4 PANDAS kids ( 2 from a previous marriage), I had him tested for Lyme. Lit up like a xmas tree. Also PANDAS. His whole life is one drama to the next, yet he sees it all as something being done to HIM, while anyone he comes into contact with suffers. He is being treated for everything, but unfortunately with treatment for Lyme, Pandas, etc., those symtpoms have gotten better, and he regularly goes to therapy, but the NPD (arrogance, self focus, lack of empathy, etc.) Is increasing in leaps and bounds.
  2. gpookie

    Probiotics recommendation

    Klaire Factor 6 VSL#3 and Vitamin Shoppe has just releases it's own brand ProBio 200. These are the ones we rotate. Kids on year 4 of 2 antibiotics...no gut issues.
  3. What were the lab ranges for "normal"?
  4. We went to our hospital...they didn't even charge us. AAMC out here in Annapolis.
  5. gpookie

    Flu shot? What do leading docs say?

    Flu shot is fine. Flu mist (live vaccine), no way in h*ll. Also, no H1N1. H We have followed Dr. Latimer's advice for several years.
  6. gpookie


    Original diagnosis was "hypogammaglobulinemia, possible CVID". Lyme supresses the immune system.
  7. gpookie


    Yes. And then we tested for Lyme. Bingo. That is what was suppredsing the immune system.
  8. gpookie

    Stricker Panel

    It's useful as a diagnostic tool. It is usually used to track improvements during treatment. We arlready are CDC and Igenenix positive. Positive via mainstream testing and alternative testing. Totally symptom free though.
  9. Not sure with ASD in the mix. Our kids had immediate departure of all residual PANDAS symptoms within 36 hours of adding Biaxin to Augmentin three years ago. Now, when the get strep, they don't flare, they get regular symptoms and we add Rifampin for 10 days. They have been on the combo for a year and six months.... Could be yeast?
  10. Is anyone familiar with the Stricker Panel? Used to monitor chronic Lyme. (Quest Diagnostis).
  11. gpookie


    We had .5g/kg every 21 days. After 14 it was okay to do blood draws.
  12. gpookie

    Psychosis or PANDAS/PANS/OCD

    May I ask what "magical thinking" is?
  13. What were your MRI findings? What did your doc say about them?
  14. Check his IgG subclasses and his pneumoccocal serotypes. Perianal strep caused the worst flare my boys ever had...
  15. We are also at 200 bln per day. No gut issues for 4 years.