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    SEAMom got a reaction from ibcdbwc in Is the Video Screen Symptoms factor?   
    My DS15 who has had PANDAS since March 2015 has used the screen as his coping mechanism. When he is most symptomatic he had used screen time - video games/tv and building LEGOS as his escape from his frightening reality. Paralyzing anxiety being his worst symptom. The screen or a lego at times have been the only thing that have helped pull him out of terrifying episode.
    I too have worried that he spent way TOO much time on a screen. What has helped is that during his periods of healing following IVIG his screen time decreased. I also listened to a lecture from a PANS conference on YouTube. The speaker was a pediatrician who specializes in PANS. Her daughter also had PANS. She said all our patients for the most part are addicted to screens as a coping mechanism, her daughter included. The reality they face without it at times is too scary. As our kids heal this attachment will lessen. This gave me some comfort and less worry. I know that some of my extended family members think that if I just take away the video games my son will get better. Or if they take him away on a trip he will get better - like our house and the screens are the problem.
    Of course I know better and ignore these requests.
    The IVIG is slowly working and he is back in school part time. The only thing I had to cut out was some of the violent more mature video games - they tended to provoke anxiety. This Is probably not an issue for most of you with younger kids.
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    SEAMom got a reaction from MomWithOCDSon in Pandas son; mom bad strep won't go away, help   
    it sounds like the augmentin is not working and it would be worth trying a different antibiotic. You usually get some relief in about 48 hours. I would give the prescribing doc a call and see if they will write you a new Rx.
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