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  1. My 7 year old son has started blinking and shrugging his shoulders few weeks back. I started him on magnesium taurate and b vitamins. Sometimes he takes Epsom salt baths. I give him flax oil on and off, I recently noticed that his skin around the genitals area has turned very dark. I don't know for how long it has been like this and if this is normal. Sometimes, I have seen him scratch there so maybe it is itching. But when I ask him, he says he is fine. I am still in the process of reading as much as possible to educate myself. My husband had facial tics when he was in middle school for a couple of years. But he doesn't do it anymore. So there is definitely a genetic component involved. Do you of you know if this is some kind of infection that could be related to tics. We live in a small town and the pediatrician just said that my son has a tics and that it will pass with time.
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    question for juwayriyah

    Thanks Chemar. I have looked at those links and am interested in knowing where to find it. If anyone has any idea, would love to hear from you.
  3. Hi Juwayriyah, You mentioned n your posts that you were able to get this plant from India. Can you please share where in India were you able to get it from. Also, what is the plant called in India. How old was your son when you started giving him these leaves. Did you consult any doctor in India for this. My son who is 7 has started having tics. My husband used to blink excessively itseems when he was in middle school but stopped later. Also, I am worried that my 2.5 year old daughter is blinking especially when she is watching tv or laptop. We are from India but live in the US and am very interested in trying this herb. Thank you so much if you can please respond to my message. Any information will be very helpful.