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  1. Before we invest many dollars we cannot spare right now, I want to know what people have heard regarding test results while on antimicrobials. Our DD's Doc says that Lyme is a clinical diagnosis, she feels she has lyme, we would like the test, and especially would like the test for the confections. She keeps getting recurrent strep around every 18-30 days or so and so she is usually on abx or a combination of natural antimicrobials so we don't know how we are supposed to test if everything will be false negative because of this.


    Anyone heard any differently? Have you or your child been tested while on abx and gotten a positive result for a confection?


    Has anyone treated Lyme and or confections using only an herbal protocol such as the Buhner protocol vs abx?

  2. Just wanted to share something that has appeared to help my DD.


    We went to a German integrative doc who prescribed homeopathic belladonna 30c nodes, bee propolis, angocin and weleda bolus eucalypti.


    We added high CBD hemp oil, resveratrol and emulsified ADP oil of oregano.


    Daily she takes 5 drops bluebird silver CBD five drops 1 or two times daily, 20 drops Hanosan bee propolis 3x a day, 2 angocin 3x a day, bolus 3x a day just a dab.



    At the first sign of irrational emotional behavior (her PANDAS symptoms starter always a symptom of impending strep) we dose her with 5 nodes belladonna-once, and 5 drops CBD oil, one Garden of Life Resveratrol (Japanese Knotweed ). Continue other therapies. This has worked 3 times now. She did NOT go on to develop strep PANDAS symptoms went away. The flares have lasted 1 hour tops, this has happened about 3 times over the last three weeks, which is a huge improvement for us.

  3. A neighbor family of 4 (who spend most of their time in NC) and 3 of their recent house guests all were diagnosed with strep on the last two days.


    The doctor they went to said that it is rampant right now and presenting in strange ways.


    Two kids came in who tested positive and their only symptom was rectal itching.


    Ok, this sounds nuts, but can strep live in water? There is a popular place to swim that is brackish (intercoastal waterway)but very shallow and very warm this year. I recently read an article where several people got staph infections from walking in the surf on the gulf side (we live on the Atlantic side).

  4. We were in Germany and my daughter spiked a fever while on Augmentin and had strep again.


    The doctor prescribed Clindamycin for 14 days, angocin (natural antibiotic made from nasturtium and horseradish ), bee propolis and weleda bolus eucalypti.


    She has been off clindamycin 6 days and will remain on the Angocin and bee propolis for 3 months at a lower dose.


    I am also giving her CBD oil, oxylent, krill, curcumin, rotating gutpro, prescript assist,immunoflor, and lauricidin 3 scoops a day.


    She is doing great! You can order the Hanosan Propolis and Angocin online.

  5. Search posts about High CBD Hemp Oil (no THC, not psychoactive), there have been some miraculous improvements with some kids and their OCD. Less risky, no side effects. I would go the path of least harm before using all of the psych meds. Often times, you start with one and then have to take another to control the side effects and so on and so on and so on. CBD oil is anti -microbial as well and anti-inflammatory. The only thing that has helped my daughter's anxiety.

  6. So this is our first time getting off abx since diagnosis. She was on augmentin 500 2x a day for 14 days. We asked pediatrician to renew until appointment the 2nd of June to no avail.


    She now has a fever of 101 and fearful and panicked again. Also leg pain half the day. I called the answering service in tears. Does this happen all the time?


    I still think she had rheumatic fever originally. Our family on both sides are susceptible.


    I had give her high dose curcumin earlier so I think ibuprofen is out of the question. I also gave her hemp cbd oil and her mood all of a sudden seems better.


    Any ideas? Comforting words. Also my birthday today and husband in Atlanta for work. :(

  7. My husband has brain issues, and bought NAC. One of the benefits he had read was to fight off colds. My daughter and I had come down with bad colds (pre pandas ) and my daughter was very sick to her stomach post NAC. I didn't feel great either. After that he poked a little deeper into NAC info and it can damage the mucosa lining of the digestive tract which is the exact opposite of what will make someone with PANDAS well.

  8. My 8 yo dd is on day 6 500 mg Augmentin.


    The symptoms seemed better at first but now seem like they are ramping up. More emotional upheaval, urinary frequency, negative thoughts.

    Earlier she had a leg pain that was excruciating and brought her to tears on her calf.

    Is this a normal reaction? Should the neurological symptoms be improving by now.


    Thanks for any and all advice

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