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  1. I honestly have no idea about pesticides in the hotel room. I really don't think so, but I mean anything is possible. I just finished my 5 day cycle of Alinia for the parasites. It was prescribed at 500mg twice a day for 5 days. Yesterday night was the last dose i had to take. I feel no different, my bloating is not any less than before and there is no improvement or worsening in my tics. I have been told that it may require a second round of treatment, so I will give it a week and give it another 5 day try. Hopefully that makes a difference. I have not started the paleo diet to remove the yeast over growth, but that is for sure next on my list of things to try. I know back in the days when I was losing weight I was on a very low carb diet and if i remember correctly I felt the best back then, so hopefully I can get back into a paleo/low carb/anti fungal diet and hopefully that helps. Other notes. Clonidine really does not seem to be doing anything at all. Supplements I was told to take by my doctor have not proven to help or worsen my tics. Im still holding on to the hope of it being the mold in the bathroom, as long as I have things to hold onto as possibilities I have hope to keep trying to figure it out. The tic increase has really taken a toll on my confidence and happiness since it got worse.
  2. Well she recommended a paleo diet she told me to purchase the book called practical paleo, but ill be honest I have not looked at it much yet. Im not sure if paleo = anti candidia... I am also curious about Alinia, it should be arriving in the next week or so. From what she told me and what ive read its a 3 day treatment, but it may require more than one cycle of treatment. Yes when I start to redo the bathroom I will be calling in a professional mold service to handle the mold, so that way I wont have it travel into the other rooms. The thing about diet changes. My diet had never really been a problem, nor has caffeine ever been a problem. Not very many thing made my tics worse up until a few months after I went to mexico and came back. My tics exploded out of control and became worse than they have ever been. After this caffeine and bad diet became something that really had a effect on me. The problem is.. In addition to mexico, I also had tried a lot of harder non FDA approved muscle gaining supplements that I found in my local supplement shop, and also moved down to the back house where there was mold. Basically everything happened at once so it is really hard for me to pin point what the cause of the huge increase was.
  3. Hi, Ms, Demare Thank you for the response. I am following her routine currently, I do need to figure out a anti yeast diet to follow. I did some google searches and realized pretty much nothing is allowed on a anti yeast diet. The mold will be taken care of during this summer, we will be tearing down the whole bathroom to rebuild it, because there are other problems with it on top of the mold. Can you please go into more further details on why I should not worry about the supplements causing permanent damage? I have done research and nothing really comes up that really gives me a good answer, as to how the brain bounces back to normal after being exposed to certain supplements and drugs that alter neurotransmitters. As far as viral/bacterial. Im not sure if we have ruled those out, but we did speak about strep. I actually get strep throat pretty much once a year and treat it with amoxicillin for about 10 days. She mentioned that strep and other bacteria/virus's work together to fight to immune system and feed off of each other to become stronger. I think thats what she was explaining.
  4. Hey guys, Let me give you guys a quick background of my problem before i get into my question. I have always had tics since I was a child. They had their ups and downs, but this past 1.5-2 years they have been going crazy. Few things changed for me when this all started to get out of hand. I moved down stairs to the back house where I have found some mold. I did some DIY mold test and came out to find that the bathroom contains rare amounts of cladosporium (mold) and did some research and found it is not toxic to humans. Also, found Hyphai Fragments (rare amounts), and found pollen at moderate amounts, but there is no fungal growth according to the test. Dr. Mullen also had me run some parasite test. Which came back positive for Blastocystis hominis cysts (protozoa rare amount), Iodamoeba butschii cysts (protozoa few), and also Yeast Organisms (fungi moderate amount). Dr. Mullen also ran hair and mineral's test which brought back results stating that my Iron is very high (double the max normal), Lithium is low, potassium is low, and nickel is high. I have been seeing two doctors recently both Neurologists. One of them is treating with natural treatments (vitamins/minerals) and the other with clonidine. I have been taking clonidine at 0.2mg twice a day and I really don't see any help. I have been talking to Dr. Nancy Mullen who i actually found out about by doing a search on these forums. The clonidine is not giving me any bad side effects, but if i can i rather not take it. Dr. Mullen (the one that treats with vitamins and minerals) believes that the increase in my tics in the passed year and a half might be due to the yeast and the parasites. I had gone to Cabo Mexico In July 2014 and my tics blew up out of control in November 2014. She believes I may have gotten the parasites during my trip to Cabo. She has prescribed me Alinia (Nitazoxanide)which is supposed to kill the parasites along with the following supplements. An all in one vitamin supplement Nicin Lithium Lactoferrin b12 CadidiaFX Potassium Probiotics My question: What do you guys think about this? Can parasites (the ones found in my body) be the cause of the increase in my tics? Is her diagnosis plausible? Also, in the year of 2014 I had been trying out some new supplements that were messing with my hormones. Could this have caused a permanent mix up in my brain that may have caused my permanent increase in tics? I know some drugs such as adderal or ritalin can cause a permanent increase in tics. I don't know if this is something I may have done to my self. What do you all think of all of this? Thank You
  5. I kind of want to start with a environmental doctor to test for allergies and food sensitivities. Also, just started up an immune support supplement and started using my Acetyl-L-carntine in hopes to calm down my tics.
  6. Thank you trishb, I will give those a try. I really need to find this trigger, because these tics are really depressing me and its pretty hard to enjoy my day and be happy like this. I want to get some allergy testing done after saving some money. How can i do that? Is there a test that is recommended for this?
  7. Same city as before just a block away from the old house. I wouldn't say there is much different outside im sure some trees are different but really its about the same. I have the same car and actually quit my internship due to feeling it was taking away from my sleep which might have been causing the tics. More sleep did not help.
  8. The thing is my tics are actually bad everywhere except when im relaxing at home and laying in bed, then everything just calms down. When I get up to get ready to go out when I go out and drive and do things then my tics freak out. When i am sitting down on my laptop relaxing watching tv the tics usually calm down to a point where its manageable. For this reason I feel like its not from the house, but that brings me back to square one because nothing else has changed. My diet is the same as always, so i don't think anything is increasing my tics there.
  9. Hey everybody, I used to have an account here but seems like the usernames had been reset or something. I wanted to come back and seek some help from experienced members. This might be a long post just a fair warning. A little about my self, I am 26 year old male and have had my tics since I was a kid. I have not been diagnosed or even seen a doctor for these tics. I am more that sure I have TS due to having multiple motor tics and a couple vocal tics. Ill put a list of my tics down under here. Tics: Eye blinking Neck jerking Full body jerking shoulder jerking hand and finger moving Leg moving Throat clearing Making a hmm noise A sound that i can only describe as a donkey noise etc. I recently moved to a new place and I am trying to figure out what may have caused the massive flare up in my tics. I have not had any single vocal tic for maybe 5 years up until last summer June 2014 which was before I moved into my new house. I had a vocal tic from June 2014 to about August 2014. The vocals went away from august till about December, as a matter of fact there was a 2 month period where I was about 99% tic free. Then randomly my tics blew up into a horrible uncontrollable way. I pretty much had maximum 5 seconds of tic free time during the day. They were so bad I started to get depressed and did not want to leave my house. I had already moved into my new house at this point, after about 2 months they some what calmed down, but the vocal tic had not stopped after a month of more calm tics they increased once again and here I am today.. Multiple high frequency vocals and motors. At this point I am starting to get depressed again feeling like I have zero control over my mind and body. I hate being out most of the time because i am just uncomfortable 90% of the time. I have been doing some research and I have conflicting theories. Many places say that there is no evidence that proves that natural treatments such as diet changes and supplementation help and this website says they do. I have tried tons of supplements with zero luck. I have tried multivitamins, l-carnitine, taurine, B complex, fish oil, flaxseed oil, magnesium citrate, calcium citrate, inositol, and more. Zero luck with any of these supplements. Could I possible have a environmental allergy? I tried to use a nasal steroid for allergies and I think it may have blown up my tics once again. I feel this way because they eased up a bit once I stopped. What can I do guys? I really don't want to do on meds because I have read way too many negative reviews on them. I know I cant cure this but I just want to reduce my tics by half at least and get rid of the vocals. I want to feel more relaxed and be able to be happy when I go out. I have not even been able to properly workout at the gym which is my passion, because my tics are horrible when I workout. Im afraid of going to the doctor, because I have no insurance and it feels like any time they hear that they see nothing but dollar signs. Any advice is appreciated thank you guys.
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