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  1. Hello! I know this is an old thread, but I am wondering if anyone has since had any good experience with Denver practitioners who have experience with Lyme/coinfections... I am asking for a freind of a freind who is desparate for her newly diagnosed daughter. Thanks in advance for any suggestions/help!
  2. Hello!! I know this is an old post, but I am wondering if you ever worked with this Denver practitioner. I have a friend of a friend who is searching desparately for help with tx for her daughter in the Denver area. Thanks for any feedback you have:)
  3. Hello! I just found out that a friend of a friend needs help finding pracitioners in the Denver area to help her manage her daughter's new diagnosis of Bartonella/Lyme and ? other coinfections. Can anyone suggest traditional and/or naturopathic practioners who have experience with thes tick bourne infections in Denver or the Denver area( she is willing to travel!). Thanks so much!!!!!
  4. Any feedback on Repreeve yet?? I ordered the trial which should be arriving later this week. I would love to hear about any experiences....
  5. Can you tell me more about your children. My son was tested this summer with a +Bartonella test with Dr. B's office(working with his partner Dr. K). We started on Arithro and Bactrim and I saw an overall increase in his tics( with ups and downs) over the 1.5 months he was on these meds. In the meantime with did Igenex testing. We just got the results last week and they came back negative for Bart, inconclusive for Lyme, and + Erlichiosis. I am totally confused! The doctor could not explain the inconsistency. Prior to the recent results she did suggest switching to Doxy in case we were dealing with a different infection. Tics have slightly decreased overall, but continue to be up and down over the past 3 weeks on Doxy. Maybe these have nothing to do with the TBDs we may be dealing with. I just wish we could be sure we are on the right track. We have been dealing with motor and throat tics for over 3 years now:( I know we are all on a challenging journey...do you have any insights???
  6. Can you tell me what ABX your son took for Lyme and how the additional Bart ABX plan is different, please?? I am just learning about this as my son was just found to be + for Bart. I am wondering about other co-infections and hope our current ABX might cover others JIC:) He started on Azithromycin and Bactrim 4.25 weeks ago. Unfortunately, I did not know I should go slowly and we just started with both right away. So far, tics (hopefully they are related to the Bart as I have been on a 3 year search for etiology) have been slightly up for a couple days, then slightly down for a couple days. He has had a plateau of moderate tics(at least on our continuum) for about 6 days now and I am hoping things get MUCH better in the next week before school starts...praying!!! We are doing major probiotics, Epsom salts, lemon water. Haven't added anything else for detox and open to suggestions!! I know from his SNP mutations that detox is likely challenging:( I am rambling, but looking for feedback on what courses of treatment, supplementation, and symptoms have been experienced. TIA!!!
  7. My 9yr old just tested + for Bart last after searching for factors leading to cough and motor tics. We saw Dr. B's partner and started on Azithro and Bactrim . We are taking a strong probiotic and an immune support sup that was recommended by our trusted sup store. We do have detox issues, which may be why symptoms seem to be slightly escalating with treatment(is that anyone's experience). I have tried Mag in past with mixed results and am not sure how much I am comfortable doing at the same time. I have had such an emotional 3 yrs and have observed so many bad reactions to supps. My son is MTFR 1298 homozygous which is appearing to be a factor here. I would appreciate any moral support and advice on what I should try next.
  8. Does anyone have suggestions for specialists in CT(environmental or integrative), possibly with an understanding of MTHFR a mutations???
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