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  1. Thanks for the response. I may talk to my GP about it, but it might be better if I see a neurologist directly or ask for a referral, I could mention PANDAS/PANS too, I don't recall what infection may have caused it if it is PANDAS/PANS so hopefully they could run a test or something.
  2. Hi all, so I was hoping I could get some help on something that's been bugging me for, well, my whole life. To keep it brief. I can trace my tics back to around the age of 7 or 8, but I can't be sure as my memory isn't great. Like, I remember this one Christmas Eve, I was incredibly exited and running all over the place. But that soon changed when I had another 'tic attack', I started to press my teeth (incisors) together, rock my head back and forth etc. And no matter how much it distressed or hurt me, I still had to do it, I mean I was in tears, so they definitely got worse when I was exited. And all this talk of tics is making me tic more. So this continued for a while, although I don't recall any other times it happened off the top of my head. But after several years of having them, I'm pretty sure they went away for a few years, but came back when I started to play this game that I played a lot as a kid, like it triggered an attack if that makes sense. Since then I've had both motor and vocal tics. Sometimes this is complicated as when these tics disappear, another one replaces it. And the ones I had before develop into bad habits which I have to get rid of also. But what's weird about my situation is that throughout my life, these tics have been somewhat "rhythmic", like they follow a tune and have to be done just right or I have to start over. Like a tune you could play on a piano or something. I've never been Dx'ed with an autism-spectrum-disorder, so I don't think they're stereotypies. I mean, can you have compulsions without obsessions on top of tics? I do have mild contamination OCD that I've also had since I was a kid, if that narrows it down. But I mean, aside from this can you have just compulsions? Like "Pure-C". Oh and about strep throat, I can't be sure but I doubt I've ever contracted it, although 'tourettic OCD' seems to fit. I've never been Dx'ed with anything as a kid despite these weird neurological problems, my parents had no idea what 'tics' were so I just suffered 'cos they never took me to the docs. I haven't been to a neurologist as I would have to go through my GP and it's a serious frustration to get anywhere with problems at my age as they just pass you off as a hypochondriac (which I am but that's beside the point lol), and you get no-where. Just really weird behavior as a kid I dunno. Lastly a few questions: - Can Transient Tic Disorder come back in adults? - Can TTD involve both Vocal and Motor tics? - Can tourettes be somewhat mild and only affect you at times of stress, but otherwise you don't tic that much? The only real consideration I have is TTD, tourettes, or the not otherwise specified category. Cheers.
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