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  1. Hey (: I have no idea what these forums are! However it's about half 12 at night and I have school tomorrow but I'm not tired in the slightest, so as I was zooming around Myspace I realised that I was irritated at the word 'four' because it means 4, obviously, and there are 4 letters, and I didn't like the fact that there was two on either side for some reason. Anyway, I was bored and just searched 'letter counting' on google, because I normally search random things that pop into my head just for entertainment really (it was palm reading the other day haha!) and then I found this site and I was like 'Oh my god I have some similiarities with these people! COOL!' haha. But yeah, I don't think I have OCD at all, I just read through most of the replies to this thread and then went on a few links and just found it peculiar that the things I thought were just me being weird are symptoms of OCD with other people. Of course I don't actually have OCD; I don't have enough other symptons for it, it just interested me (: Anyway about letter counting and stuff, I find myself all the time counting letters in the middle word of titles of things and I like to find the exact middle point to see if the people who have made the poster or billboard or whatever have lined it up correctly with the rest of the poster (if it was supposed to be central). And quite often I prefer it if the middle word is an odd number of letters so that in my head I can easily see the middle letter and work out where the centre of the 'thing' I'm looking at should be. I also hate the number 9 when related to dancing (I compete a lot) because whenever I get the number 27 as my number, or like 81 or something I sit and add it all up and see if I get to the number 9 and if I do I'll have to change it. However it doesn't seem to matter if subtracting the numbers could equal nine. On the other hand, I hate even numbers so it's ironic that I dislike nine also. My lucky number is 5 (two digits either side when written 1 2 3 4 5) but the word 'five' had four letters in which as you know I dislike. Ohhhh it's all very confusing haha. So yeah, I really really don't think I have OCD, I just find the whole number letter thing really interesting, especially to hear everyone elses stories on it through the thread. It's pretty cool (: Oh, and another thing I picked up from a different website, I repeat phrases under my breath after I've said them, without realising it. Apparantly this is another thing a lot of people do. Like earlier, I dunno what I said, but I repeated say the last three words like as I intook breath and then I was like thinking to myself 'What are you doing you complete weirdo' Haha, right I'm going to go to bed now. By the way incase anyone's wondering, I'm fifteen and a GIIIIIRL I know it says 'Frankie' but that is my name (:
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