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  1. Finally got all the bloodwork back and Doc is 100% sure that it's PANDAS. Bittersweet because it is AWFUL that my pefect little child has to put up with this bullshit when it's already hard enough growing up in this world, BUT nice to know what it is so we can go about eradicating it from her life with the help of her doctor. She's shown slight improvement just over the last few weeks. Not sure if she's just coping better with being under attack by her thoughts, or if the antibodies are leaving and relinquishing their grip on her brain. I'll post some blood numbers for those who are intere
  2. Oh my God, what a nightmare. I have no advice or help to offer, but I just feel so sorry that you parents and those poor children have to go through this. I don't know how you cope and remain functional. I just wish you the absolute best and pray that your children recover.
  3. Met with our pediatric neuro today. We liked her a lot and thinks it is likely PANDAS. She decided to keep our girl on daily Amox indefinitely and the azithromycin every other day. We are already doing immunity boosters, probiotics and ibuprofen which she told us to continue. She's ordering a huge amount of blood tests and we volunteered to go ahead with the Cunningham panel. She is still way OCD. She is able to keep a lot of her comments in when in public, but when she's home it comes out like a fire hose. Ex-wife and I are shocked by the contents of her thoughts. Anything from germ
  4. Day 14 of her augmentin. Day 2 of ibuprofen and she's been on the immunity booster and a couple other supplements for a few days. No improvement. No major worsening though, for which we are grateful. I am so grateful that this board is here and so grateful for the internet in general. When I started looking for an answer to why my perfect little angel daughter was going crazy in front of me, I searched "Sudden OCD". PANDAS came right up. Again, I'm not sure that is what we're dealing with (there is a slight chance there are some thyroid issues), but with this occuring during the same timefra
  5. Thanks very much Nurse! Yeah our Peds leaves a little to be desired. We convinced her to keep our girl on Amox. til at least our meeting with the neurologist. By that time she will have been on Abx for 3 weeks. You are very accurate about her obsession and her compulsion. What a horrible thing for her to have to endure ): She is slowly getting worse, but not drastically. She's starting to be a little aggressive. What really freaked us out was a mention of killing herself. She's only 7, can't imagine where she even heard that ?!?
  6. We are now in week 2 of DD's OCD which began suddenly, likely due to PANDAS. She is 7 and obsessing over words. Particularly; dumb, stupid, fricken, damn. They attack her thoughts all day and night. She is constantly confessing that she's thinking these words. We have appointments with a PANDAS expert and a therapist but not until next week. We've also started her on some natural supplements. Last night I bought and started to read to her a highly recommended book on OCD for children. I wanted to die dropping her off at school today to go and fend for herself. Her teacher said she hasn't
  7. Thank you all so much. I'm sure you remember when the symptoms first showed up in your children...confusion, sadness, despair. That's where we're at. And we're desperate. I'm kind of hoping it is PANDAS because at least we'd have a target to shoot at. Our pediatrician talked to our Pediatric Neurologist (Dr. Melanie Alarcio) who specializes in PANDAS and got her to agree to move our appointment up 2 weeks. We will be seeing her now on March 12th. Last night was a lot more about wanting to say, "crap, doodoo, stupid, dumb", etc.). Almost manic. Poor girl. I purchased the book referenced
  8. I AM a new parent to this. Your advice is really valued and well received. Thank you.
  9. 7 y/o daughter had strep about two weeks ago. She had it for a few days before we caught it and got her some antibiotics. Then about a week later we noticed her reporting back to us every now and then these insignificant stories of something that she touched, or the way she walked. 7y/o girls are a strange lifeform anyway so we didn't pay much attention. But, she has been getting progressively worse. And here's where my question comes in. She doesn't have any tics. Or any rituals per se, but she is suddenly a different person and I would say she is fighting this compulsion to report strang
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