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  1. ive been reading it a bit more and im not so sure the PANDAS or PANS sounds like them. my daughter has mild anxiety nothing major (i get the same thing when i eat my food allergens) and my 2 year old def doesnt have any behavioral issues that are outside of normal toddler things. hmmm this is so confusing!
  2. also we live in San Antonio, Texas. We havent seen a doctor for any of this yet. I started doing my own research and posted his videos to a pages and everyone thought they looked like tics. Im sure i need to see our pedi about it. can he run these tests or should i just go straight to a doctor that specializes in these things??
  3. trishb, I was reading about PANDAS/PANS yesterday. I understand some of it. Im confused how the strep/ strep titers work. He has never had strep throat?? I guess I need it explained in a different way to me. Could he have strep this whole time without knowing?? what will the other blood titers show?? Im so glad you brought this part of it up because I had so many questions about it. My husband and I both remember him having a high fever before all this started but it went away within a day. not sure if it has anything to do with it. id love it if you could help me out with understanding how PANDAS/PANS works. my oldest daughter got strep all the time. starting at age 2. (she is 8 now) she is anxious and "strong willed" but after reading PANDAS i wondered about her as well. can you have PANDAS without tics?? The diet recommendations are great. It's something thats already taking place in our house for myself and my oldest daughter. I just started her on one for stomach issues, anxiety, behavioral issues. I have been seeing a nutrisionist for my eoe. I have had thyroid issues in the past and currently have EoE which are both autoimmune. so im trying to see also if there is any connection. i know autoimmune issues can be passed down. i think it will be helpful that i have alot of knowledge and experience with autoimmune stuff and inflammation issues. He currently doesnt drink milk, doesnt get much processed stuff but i will check the few we have. We do let him have some gluten snacks because toddler are hard to get to eat sometimes. but i will take out that bit too. sorry if my reply seems all over the place... my mind is spinning with information and just trying to put it all together lol
  4. I was like this as a child. I was an anxious little kid and complained about my stomach hurting often. My dad would tell me it was in my head because i never actually would throw up. I was always a petite kid... many thought i had an eating disorder but i did not. Come to find out a year ago (at 26)i was dx with EoE. I started having more stomach issues after my third child, weird throat sensations and food slowing down in my throat. My labs were all out of wack and my gut was a mess. I started seeing a nutrionist and am happy to report I am doing so much better! control my eoe with diet. EoE is actually extremely common these days, it is still a fairly new dx though so many docs dont know what it is. EoE is basically an autoimmune allergy reaction in the throat. My known triggers are soy, rice, almonds and sulfites. Soy and rice showed up on an allergy patch test. good luck with everything and prayers to your daughter
  5. Hey everyone, I am new to researching everything but I am definatley one that does better knowing information. I guess my biggest question right now is where do i begin?? My son started ticcing around his 2nd birthday. I cant pin point the day, but I do know its been almost 8 months. At first I didnt really pay any attention to it.. i thought it was him being itchy. We decided to go the allergy route because I myself have EoE and a soy allergy. We had regular allergy testing done and no foods showed up- only a few environmental. The doc put him on allergy meds which have not done anything. He is still doing these movements. He actaully has quite a few. He does ear swiping/hitting, hair swiping, brings his ear to his shoulder, rubs his chin on his chest, sometimes brings his arm up while he is touching his ear to shoulder, purses his lips, sniffs in. Are these considered tics? He does them every day, all day long. I have noticed he does them more when eating and watching tv. Also when he is playing he really does the ear swiping. If anyone can offer any advice or direction that would be so helpful. I know he is young, and I have read that some times kids tic and then it goes away. Im obviously hoping that is what will happen but I am also concerned because he seems to have alot. Thanks so much Cristi
  6. I see you posted a few years back. I was wondering if you could update on how your babe is doing?? Your story seems very similar to my 2 year old. He has started with similar symptoms around his 2nd birthday (september). Thanks so much Cristi
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