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  1. I do Vitamin C gummies every day for my DD8 since any excess is water soluble, Vitamin D drops every day from fall break to spring break, and up the zinc dosage when she is fighting something. It varies from person to person but that is what I do.
  2. Good luck. I wish I was as prudent as you were to check if I should give my daughter Tamiflu for her flu a year ago. I am still playing the shoulda coulda game because she developed her tics following the flu and treatment with Tamiflu. But then, it is likely she had the underlying condition that was put over the edge by the flu. Just not sure till this day if Tamiflu had a role to play in it, it is supposed to get out of your system within a week. Looking back, we did notice some symptoms that indicated her PANS condition prior to the flu, a few months prior. I can't look back, have to look forward, otherwise it will kill me inside and I will be blaming myself for the rest of my life and it does not do anyone good, I should realize. My DD8 has been a trooper so far, a straight A student so far and has minimal tics, but I won't stop fighting for her.
  3. Tamiflu cuts the symptoms by only 2 days. So, use it for 2 days, the temps should go down and throw it away. That is all I can say from personal experience. There are natural means though, to let the body fight the flu, just have to wait it out and overdose with Vitamin C, elderberry extract etc. (I am sure you can find other means online) and if that is the way you want to go, I'd try those first. The body will eventually fight it off, just need to give it the right resources. However, I have not tried those routes.
  4. My 8 year old DD has PANS and was recommended fish oil. After reading the various parent experiences here, I felt it would be a better idea to try curcumin after hearing different testimonies here. I started with Dr. Mercola's Curcumin Advanced with sustained release 2 days ago, everything else she has been on for a few months now, this is the only thing I introduced. My daughter's symptoms are minimal tics (about 10-20 times a day) and sensory issues. I have only introduced about 100 mg of that 500 mg capsule (empty it to an enteric coated capsule) and I take the rest for my own inflammation. I noticed my DD having a bout of 6-8 tics in a row while driving. I am not certain if it is something she is fighting or if it is due to the curcumin herxing. She typically does not do so many in a row. If it is curcumin herxing, is it typical? How many days or weeks would I have to endure this? When do I know it is not the right thing for her? Any thoughts or advice? I have heard folks here give the whole 500 mg, so at what pace do you suggest I ramp it up? Also, as a footnote, she has been bugging me for getting a gerbil pet . I have managed to ward it off till next Christmas. I have never had a gerbil, so are there things related to it and her PANS condition that I need to be aware of? I don't want her to stop living life but at the same time, wish to be careful. Thanks for all your time and input in advance.
  5. Have any of your kids had motor tics where they just lay on the ground (whether inside the home or in the backyard while playing with kids) for about 10-15 seconds and then go about doing their stuff normally? My 7 year old DD had motor tics following a bout with the flu around Christmas time. I have changed her diet and had her on essential oils to calm her down after reading several posts here. No antibiotics so far. I have heard antibiotics mess with the gut big time and it takes a while to restore the gut bacteria. Her neck rotation that was prevalent 3 months ago has calmed down considerably to the point where it happens maybe once in about 3-4 hours. But this new tic seems to have emerged. It is more socially awkward (more so for a parent) because my kid does not seem to realize she is doing that in front of the neighbor kids. It happens on and off, not all the time. If she is focused on playing with her scooter or shooting hoops, she does not do that. Her cognitive abilities (math and handwriting) have been extremely in tact so far (knock on wood) but she has been doing this only since last Friday when she went to Chick-Fil-A and played in the kids' play place. When PANs/PANDAs kids contract an infection or some other thing they are exposed to, does it manifest as a different tic since their immune response is not working right? I asked her if she knows she is doing it and she says she was not aware. I just hope I did not amplify any anxiety with my little one. Any and all advice would be appreciated.
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