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  1. Sorry, click too fast, my personal email account; Louisalaw@gmail.com Thanks
  2. Hi My son is graduating in June and will leave his therapeutic school where a psychiatrist is on site. So I need to find a new psychiatrist for him and would like to find an integrative psychiatrist. If you know of or had good experience with any good integrative psychiatrists in New Jersey, New York or Connecticut, I greatly appreciate that you could give me their names. If you prefer, you could send the names to my personal email account. Thanks so much
  3. Hi Three years ago, due to his paranoia, my son was placed out of district in a therapeutic school where psychotherapy, process group, and psychiatric support are given inside the school with a classification of Emotional Disturbance in his IEP. He has been in this therapeutic school for more than 2 years and now he is 18 years old and repeating his 12th grade due to insufficient credits for graduation on time. He is expected to finish all his high school credits and to leave the school in summer. For the meanwhile I need to look into whether he should be placed in some training schools and hold onto his high school diploma for more support from the special education system or if he is ready for college. Currently, his paranoia is almost none but his major challenge is OCD which interferes him with being on time to school significantly. A few months ago he had a psychological test from outside and was found to have ASD. My question is: IS IT worthy to make a request to his IEP team for a change of his classification of disabilities from “Emotional Disturbance” to “Autism”. My concern is just the stigma associated with "Emotional Disturbance" may go with him wherever he goes in the future (or as along as he has IEP!). Thanks
  4. Does anyone know any psychiatrists in New Jersey who is specialized in ASD with OCD/anxiety? You can send me the information to my personal email account: louisalaw@gmail.com. My son is 18 years old with ASD. His current challenge is severe OCD. Thanks so much. Louisa
  5. I found Mary Reed from Safe Harbor website. I filled in the questionnaire she provided regarding my son’s condition, mainly about his OCD. It then came out with some supplements suggestion, and one the them is Evening Primrose Oil. Does anyone know or have experience on its effects on OCD or anxiety? Thanks Louisa
  6. check the following link http://www.anh-usa.org/an-update-on-our-recommended-supplement-companies/ My son takes a lot of supplements which are from Pure Encapsulations
  7. Thanks for taking time to respond My son takes B6 50mg x2 now and will increase the doze in a couple of months. What was the doze you son started off and how long did you start see the effect? Do you remember what was the reason why your psychs said anafranil was the WRONG medication for your son? If I am right, anafranil is the only medicine that is used to specifically treat OCD. My son has taken Zoloft for 3 years, which initially was for his “atypical depression” labelled by his doctor (although we did not see any depression in him). After 1 year, when his OCD emerged and increased, it became the medicine for his OCD although I do not feel it is really helping him at all. However, since we have been trying to work on reducing Zyprexa in these two years, so we just leave Zoloft alone. In fact, my son had genetic test with GenoMind, which suggested Zoloft was not a good match for my son. The following are supplements my son is now taking B6, B12 (liquid), Niacinamide, VitC, NAC, lithium orotate, D3, fish oil, CurcumaSorb Mind, probiotics (mixed strain), Zinc. How did your son do with the supplement he is taking? How did you come up with these supplements for your son’s OCD?
  8. Hi, My son used to have mild OCD. But last summer, his OCD increased significantly. Dr. T found he had PANDAS and prescribed him with various kinds of antibiotics, which, unfortunately, made his OCD worse. Later, the Cunningham test showed he had autoimmune disorder and was prescribed with Prendisone, which even made his OCD much worse. So we stopped all these medicine. And later, with increased probiotics, his OCD was relieved. Although it was still significant, it was within a tolerable level. Last week without a clue again (or maybe due to increased social anxiety in school), his OCD increased back to the high level like that in summer. So his school psychiatrist wanted to increase his medicine for OCD because he has been very late for school due to OCD during morning routine. His current medicine for OCD is zoloft 200mg. He is also taking zyprexa for his paranoia. Personally, we do not want to add any medicine. He has been seeing Dr. Greenblatt, an integrative psychiatrist, who give him several supplements. His paranoia has been reduced to minimal and zyprexa reduced from 30mg to 10mg in two years since he started taking the supplements. A recent Kryptopyrrole test indicated he had elevated pyroluria and Dr. Greenblatt has just prescribed him with Zinc and Vit B6, hopefully to reduce his anxiety. We would like to see how the new supplements work before changing his medicine. Anyway, his school psychiatrist proposed three options for us to consider for treating his OCD 1. to increase zyprexa from 10mg to 15mg in order to boost up the effect of zoloft. 2. to add another SSRI, such as Prozac, on top of 200mg zoloft 3. to add another tricyclic , such as Anafranil, on top of 200mg zoloft. Any feedback for the medicine options and any suggestion relating to what happened to my son's OCD are greatly appreciated Thanks for your time Louisa
  9. Can anyone share their experience in IVIG? My son did not respond well with antibiotics and prednisone for his OCD. Dr T. and my son's psychiatric nurse practitioner suggested IVIG may be the next step. Thanks
  10. Can you give me the full name of Dr. K and Dr. L?
  11. My son had seen Dr T for 3 visits. With all the extensive blood work and expensive autoimmue test, he seemed to be confident in getting the right treatment for my son. Unfortunately, the antibiotics and the prednison later on made his OCD even worse. Dr. T and his office responded to our concerns about my son's negative reaction to medicine very late. For one or two times, they simply did not respond at all. So we stopping going.
  12. Anybody knows of good intensive OCD program for late teens in new york/ new Jersey areas?
  13. Does anybody know what the following tests do and how they can help in reference to OCD. Kryptopyrrole test Genetic test with Great Plain Lab Micronutrient test by Spectracell Food Allergy test by US BioTek Neuro-Biogenic Amines ​Thank you
  14. I hope it is not too late to respond. Dr. James Greenblatt is an integrative psychiatrist in Waltham, 20 minutes from Boston. He referred my son to several tests, including food sensitivity, ION test, Organic acid test, Gluten and Casein Peptides. He prescribed different vitamins and supplement for my son who made tremendously improvement in his paranoia since then. You can google him to locate his office and telephone number.
  15. Thanks for your information My son has Sjogren's AB SS-A negative and SS-B positive. Just found out the research paper (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25735642) with conclusion as below The presence of anti-SSB, without anti-SSA antibodies, had no significant association with SS phenotypic features, relative to seronegative participants. The solitary presence of anti-SSB antibodies does not provide any more support than negative serology for the diagnosis of SS. This serological profile should thus be interpreted cautiously in clinical practice and potentially eliminated from future classification criteria.
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