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  1. Thanks for the responses everyone. A few days have passed and I feel like there has been some noticeable improvement in her symptoms, so maybe the antibiotic is helping. Though it could be the addition of the oil of oregano which we started around the same time as she got her shot. It was 10 days ago now. She is definitely sleeping better and the last couple days she has seemed somewhat less OCD about everything - more interested in things she used to be interested in. She definitely still has a long way to go but I am hopeful that things may continue to improve. I am thinking about ad
  2. My dd is developmentally delayed due to seizure disorder and hypoxia at birth. She has happy and well-adjusted, basically normal aside from her developmental delays until February 2014 when all of a sudden she became severely anxious, constantly worried about whether she was going to die or get arrested, hyper-sensitive to sounds or things she saw, worrying about shadows, tip-toeing around the house in case she stepped on something bad, standing up then sitting down repeatedly. Her neurologist has done EEGs and MRIs which are all "normal" for her situation with a seizure disorder. She is curr
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