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  1. My son gets this too. His turned out to be dead,dry skin. If you take a wash cloth and get it really wet with alot of soap on it you can get it off with a little rubbing. My son has exema, does your's?
  2. I had a similar situation about a year ago where my son (10 at the time) would walk up to kids that he did or didn't know and would rub their back slash shoulder area but his arms would kind of wave around at the same time. I took it as a tic. I don't know for sure what it was but I new it was not the socail norm. I wish you luck in the roads ahead when it comes to figuring out your son. Are best wishes are with your family.
  3. Hi Anna1970, I know right now it is hard to understand what life may be for you and your son. I wish there was a magic sentence I could type to make it all better and easy to cope with. We are all learning every day and we all started where you are today. It does get easier over time and you will become more at peace with everything. I found it usefull that every time I found myself losing it per se, I would just go to the bathroom and try to regroup myself. If you can find your thing that will allow you a few minutes to regroup you may be able to keep from snapping at him. I wish you th
  4. My son tics like crazy at home and in the car. He does a really good job of holding them in when we are in public. We went to Busch Gardens on saturday and he was tic free the whole time we were in the park but the minute we got in the car he was tic crazy! His teachers always said that they never saw him tic. Now that I homeschool I notice that he tics the worst when I ask him to read outloud. Sunflower, is it hard for your boyfriend to drive when he is ticing? I am scared at the idea of my son driving. Are there any laws restricting his license?
  5. I forgot to mention.If your son gets a grant for private school why don't you request a list for all counties that you are willing to move to. The school board has a list of all participating schools and then you could research from there. Is he on the John Mckay scholorship?
  6. Michele, Thank you for the link! It is exactly what I feel as a parent. I want to do this without all the Doctors and dx ( unless warrented ).
  7. Does any one know of a study that has been done on if any certain race is effected more by TS? I know that Autism is seen widely among other races but what about TS.
  8. Hi Airbucket, I homeschool my son and he does just fine with making friends. We are lucky to have a large number of kids in our neighborhood.I also let him go to the movies,skating,ect... on the weekends. It really does keep him in the socail setting. Also here in Florida your child may also still do electives at the local school. I have found a wonderful homeschool site www.time4learning.com Go and check it out and see what you think. I home school for 3 hours a day in sessions of 45min and a 15 min break.
  9. I agree mith bmom in that I don't need another thing added to his medical record so young. I am tired of everything always having to be the result of something else. I just want to teach him to redirect himself when no one is around to support him. I think many of these options are worth trying before a back to yet another Doctor and get yet again more meds. Just my opion on what I think is best for me and my son.
  10. I am in Port Richey. I am North of Clearwater.
  11. Airbucket, I live in Pasco county. Where exactly are you?
  12. Airbucket, I live in Pasco county. Where exactly are you?
  13. If she hasn't shown any symptoms untill recent it is most likely not Tourettes. It still could be but there are other reason she could be having these tics. You should research tic disorders and she which one best explaines your daughter. I wish you the best of luck and remember to always follow your gut. No one knows your child better than you!
  14. My cousin is Bi-polar along with my aunt and he does not exibit any of their symptoms. He dosen't get mad at me or over school work, it is directed at his peers. It also has nothing to do with being mad fun of. It is purely random almost as if it were a tic. I know it is hard to explain over a computer but somehow it is different. If anyone knows what I am trying to say then please help me explaine it better. He is not Bi-polar or Autistic. He looks,acts and behaives normaly in almost every sense. Do any of you live in Florida? If so where? I think it would be useful to meet other kids to
  15. Hi Amy1, I am in Florida as well.What part are you in? I am in West Pasco county ( Port Richey).
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