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    Not much lately. Thought my 19 yr old daughter on autism spectrum was okay until she got PANS at 19
  1. Previously diagnosed with PANS 11/14 and then Lyme 11/15 My 22 year old austism spectrum daughter had her wisdom teeth removed 11/22/16 and did remarkably well. Took care of herself and kept up with her medications. Then the OCD got worse during recovery then on day 8 pre- menstral cycle started acting scattered. Then Dec 1 as she was a work would not come out of the bathroom stall and a female employee had to get her out. We are in the psychotic phase of PANS or flare of lyme. Our immunologist that we go to for PANS said come in for a rocephin shot and our Lyme doctor said it can be
  2. One more thing for Pandas (strep) yes antibiotics for viruses Pans antivirals Both cause inflammation in the basal ganglia of the brain: for inflammation yes steroids, prednisone etc thats why for your friends child steroids worked natural anti inflammatories n acytel cystein(sp) tumeric or any NSAID we tried 5 days of prednisone on my daughter just made more agressive Inflammation is the cause of the behavior, rid the cootie and all is good but the inflammation has to be controlled during the proc
  3. I am giving some back history on my high functioning autism spectrum daughter which was very similar, Looking back when she was in her 'fog' during high school it was the start of pans/pandas. My daughters autimmume is to virues Last year July my daughter ended up at Zale Lipshy UTSouthwestern psy ward for 20 days. She was 20 at the time, first flare was to HSV1(fever blister her dad had at age 19. What she experienced was very similar could not watch TV even the ones we loved and watch together. Now she is on the spectrum so with these kids it is even more difficult because most drs w
  4. My daughter fortunately is 21 now got PANS at 19. She had flair #3 Feb 6, 2015 from her brothers flu virus. No way she could work. She STILL is not well. we did IVIG April 24 which MADE HER WORSE. I know its hard but the less exposure the better.
  5. Where are you located and what doctor did you take your daughter to? We are in a 911 with our 20 year daughter that developed PANS at 19 to viruses,. we see an immunulogist but he can do only so much,. Her self injurious behavior is falling on her butt 5.7 155lbs I've already had xrays on her back now may need MRI. Talk about hurt to injury, she does it when she doesn't get attention. My daughter has all the symptoms you described also they progressively got worse. In her first 2 flares not so bad but in this last flare to my son's flu (Influ she has all the symptoms. We did IVIG A
  6. what essential oils are you using? Thieves? please advise. thnks Brenda 20 yr old another flare then another first flare age 19 to HSV1 her dad had a bad fever blister back in Nov 2013
  7. My daughter has PANS first flare November 2013. She is high functioning autism. Flipped overnite(anxiety, invasive thoughts, separation anxiety)short of long, Dr. put her on Valtrex 500 3 x day within a week she not only was better, but the BEST in her whole life. she was awakened!!!! out of a deep sleep. He mentioned she should take probiotics because Valtrex(antiviral can cause yeast growth just like antibiotics) my daughter's PANS is from viruses HSV!, HHV6 and Varicella (chickenpox) November of 2013 was caused by Dad's fever blister (he has gotten for 30 years + when stressed. A
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