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  1. My 5 year old daughter started having episodes last year following a strep infection. She mostly gets motor and vocal tics, mood swings and anxiety that gets much better with antibiotics. January was a really rough month for her. She had another flare and got better with treatment. A few days after she finished her antibiotics our whole family got sick and her symptoms all came back. Except this time something is different. She has extreme rage! She's hitting me, my husband and her little sister. She's throwing,yelling and being extremely nasty. All of this is out of character for her. I assumed it was just another symptom, but she's not displaying this behavior at school. Her teacher said her behavior is perfect. Now I'm really confused on where this came from. Does this sound like it could be from PANDAS or Lyme? We're still trying to figure everything out. Thanks!
  2. My daughter developed a few motor and vocal tics back in December. The 4th pediatrician we went to did some bloodwork and my daughter tested positive for Lyme. The pediatrician makes it sound very simple and curable. Almost like it wasn't a big deal. 10 days of antibiotics and it will clear. I've been researching online and everything I'm reading makes it sound like the worst, most complex disease that's extremely hard to cure. We're in south Florida and there aren't any Lyme literate pediatricians nearby. I'm very lost and confused by all the information that's on the web. Im nervous to give her the antibiotics. I'm hoping someone here has some advice or guidance on this. I don't know where to start.
  3. Hi there. I'm hoping someone here can help guide me. My 4 year old daughter got a diaper rash that quickly spread and looked very irritated. I took her to the pediatrician on 1/2/15 and the doctor told me it looked like strep and she prescribed a topical antibiotic. On 1/8/15 my daughter still had the rash, but it was fading and she started having this head turning tic. Her head would always turn far left and then back center. It happens mostly when she's watching tv or sitting down eating. I took her back to the pediatrician on 1/9/15 and the doctor told me just ignore the tic and it will go away. She also gave me a refill of the antibiotic for the rash. On 1/17/15 I took my daughter to a different pediatrician and he said the rash looked like an allergic reaction and yeast. He prescribed a topical steroid. I asked him about the tic and if this could be pandas and he said no. She doesn't have any other symptoms. My daughter still has the rash. It's faded a lot, but it's still there. Her head turning tic has calmed down, but now she has two more tics that started this week. She wears glasses and she takes them off and on uncontrollably. She has never done this before and is very good with her glasses. Another new tic is wiping her hair back over her ear. This is all new and I can't help but feel like it's somehow related to this rash. I'm 4 days into a gluten free diet and we've completely eliminated screen time. I feel like doctors just dismiss me by telling me to ignore it. Thanks for reading this and I appreciate any advice. I'm in south florida if anyone can suggest any doctors that might be able to help me.
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