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  1. Hello orthomolecular!


    I wanted to test my histamine level today and the following happened:

    00 min. +50mg Total: 050 mg B3 -> Nothing

    15 min. +50mg Total: 100 mg B3 -> After 3 min. Mini flush only at the top of the head, ears red.

    25 min. +50mg Total: 150 mg B3 -> After 3 min. Mini flush in my face, red patches on my face.

    35 min. +50mg Total: 200 mg B3 -> 5 min. Bigger flush; shoulders, torso and back red with patches.


    Does this mean that I'm in the normal histamine range 100 mg B3 because of the first mini flush?

    Or should a flush be an experience all over your body and I have low histamine?

    The examples on internet are red colored like a lobster, which I obviously still wasn't until almost after 200mg.

    And I wonder what the patches mean... Didnt even come close to some flushers who turn into red lobsters on the internet. ;)


    Many thanks in advance!

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