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  1. Yes most colleges require this vaccine before students can attend, due to close living proximity in the dorms. Anna
  2. Hi, my daugher has experienced tremendous muscle pain from ticcing in her shoulders. The pain was very severe because of constant muscle contracting. What helped us eliviate pain mostly was accupunture, deep tissue massage, epson salts bath- she soaked every night, for a few months. Eventually ticcing became less, after a few months of being on glutten free diet and overall healthier way of eating. Anna
  3. Hello, everyone, I haven't posted in a while. I wonder if anyone had experienced their children complaining that their food taste funny? My daughter has been complaining for the past couple of days that her taste buds are off, that the food tastes spicy or different, yet I taste it and it is ok. (No, it's not me:)). Just wonder what it means. Her tics have been more pronounced too. Thanks everyone!
  4. Myrose, I was curious, how old is your daughter? My daughter got noticable tics for the first time when she turned 12 years old. Thank you. Anna
  5. sorry...did not answer the q fully- we saw the tics starting to diminish about 2.5 mo after going glutten free. However, we were doing the diet at the same time as intergrative manual therapy. Anna
  6. Hi, Faith, No we never used enzymes. You can look at my profile to see our whole journey so far, but basically we did all supplements first, prior to gluten free diet and there was absolutely no change. My child just turned 12 at that time. We started gluten free diet out of sheer desperation, after saying goodbye to all traditional doctors and going thru the accupunture, homeopath and intergrative manual therapy ((still continue with homeopath and IMT). Anna
  7. Debbie- hi, just wanted to mention - we have been glutten free since the end of November. My husband who used to blink a lot and clear his thrroat - does not do it any more and feels so much better overall. My daughter, who is almost 13 (because of her extreme tics and related pain last year we began this journey) is hardly ticing at all. If someone does not know, they would probably not even notice it at all. We went away to the Islands last week, to an all inclusive resort, and she ate very little gluten for the first time since Nov. Towards the end of the week, her tics were more pronounced. We are back and will continue with the diet, it definately gets much easier as you learn how and where to shop. She had IGG test in Oct last year and it showed nothing that was of use to us, the doctor who prescribed though, did not even mark gluten as one of the indicators it should test for (there is a separate box on the form for that). Good Luck! Anna
  8. Bcase, We are also due for 12 year old shots in a couple of months. But someone suggested here for me to contact our State Dept of Health Services to see if Meningitis vaccine is mandatory (NJ). I did and they told me that it will become mandatory for children entering 6th grade after 9/08, since mine is already in 6th grade- we don't need to get it. They even faxed me a list of mandatory shots that I might bring with me just in case to the pediatrician. or, I am considering may be not going at all I don't know what use she (the pediatr) will be for us at this time . Good Luck, Anna
  9. Lenny, I am curious- in regards to "His diet is basically GF now, but he had a lot of gluten Monday", couldn't having Gluten again be a trigger. My 12 yr old daughter has been GF since end of Nov and is doing significantly better now. I am curious and concerned what happens when we reintroduce the gluten, will the tics return in great severity again? How much is ok? Lenny, how long was your son GF and when did you reintroduce it back into his diet? Thank you so much for your reply and I hope you find your answer. Anna
  10. Debbie, Welcome. I think you will find this forum extremely helpful. Our journey began in August last year and I don't know if I would have kept my sanity without the help of wonderful people on this forum. We live in NJ and so we have contacted the doctor you mention. We actually made an appoint but ended up cancelling (the doctor sees new patients only on certain days and only during the school hours). They were not in our network and even the bloodwork they do themselves would not have been covered for us. We ended up gping to our regular allergist who ran some tests for us and everything came back negative. That was our last stop with traditional medicine doctors. I noticed that Dr. Wojcik is mentioned in Sheilas book (in one of the personal stories). Good Luck, I hope you find your answers soon.
  11. C.P. Thank you for your suggestion. we live in NJ and I contacted the state health department just now. Apparently, since my child is already in 6th grade she does not need to get meningitis shot at 12. However, all kids entering 6th grage in 9/08 will be required. So, we missed it and I will simply decline when we go to the pediatrician. Thank you! Anna
  12. Hello, all, As I posted before, my then 11 year daughter began ticing this summer and is doing much better now. She is now 12 and in a couple of months we go for an annual exam and she needs to get 2 shots - tetanus and meningitus. I have read so much about pros and cons of vaccinatins but since she has been vaccinated up to now, I am really afraid to make a decision not to vaccinate any longer. SO my question is- do these 2 shots (tetanus and meningitus) have as an adverse effect as all others? Any advice, should we may be spread the 2 shots to 2 different visits and if yes, then how much time should pass in between? Thank you all, finding this forum has kept us sane. Anna
  13. Hi, there, yes, beleive it or not the vitamins I used to give my child originally had wheat listed in "contains" description. would you beleive that I also had fish oil purchased from GNC and looked at the back closer and saw that it said "contains wheat". I buy vitamns now from whole foods that say gluten free but I am sure there many other brands that do not contain preservatives and coloring and wheat. funn though, these gluten free vitamins do not taste as good as others did, so both of my kids complain. But that's just too bad .
  14. Hello, just wanted to share how frustrating it was to go gluten free at first - but it got so much easier. Once we decided to go gluten free, I was certain that I'll walk into a supermarket and they'll direct me to the right isle. So, I went to Shoprite and asked where they have gluten free items. They handed me about 15-page photocopy listing all the items they sell that are gluten free, without listing isle numbers. What a joke! I spend about 3 hours (and this is after working for a whole day) in a store looking for these items, 3 hours later, I made it thru 3 isles at most. It was beyond frustrating! Then, the next day I went to the Whole foods market, they have much bigger selection, and actually have someone who can help you in each isle. They sell gluten free soy sauce and many other sauces, including gluten free pasta, breadcrumbs, cereal etc….Did you know that many vitamins have gluten? Mine did. After visiting Whole foods, I tried Shoprite again since it is much cheaper. Eventually, I learned which isles sell which items that are gluten free. We have been on this diet for about 6 weeks now and I can make my shopping now with confidence, so don’t give up! I found Red Mill makes wonderful mix for gluten free pancakes, and we bake gluten free cookies. Making lunch for school was another dilemma, but once you do it for a little while, it gets so much easier. Just don’t give up and try to do shopping by yourself in a beginning, without taking your child with you.
  15. Jenny, I don't think that lack of gluten would cause the tics to increase. It is probably something else that is causing ther eaction. I would also suggest that you give it a chance, we have been gluten free for about 6 weeks now, it is hard sometimes as my child is 12 and wants to be able to eat what her friends eat when they go out. But, most definately her tics have diminished significantly since we went gluten free and she does not complain of pain any longer (the pain which was extremely severe in her muscles just months before). Good luck to you and I hope you find answers, it definately gets better. Anna
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