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    P_Mom got a reaction from MaureenL in Request for success stories please!   
    Abx., t/a removal, steroids twice for younger son (which were amazing) That is it. I'd give them a multi vitamin, fish oil and probiotics a few times a week too.
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    P_Mom got a reaction from MaureenL in Request for success stories please!   
    HI! I have been gone from this forum for years, but, received an email notification that I was sent a pm! Imagine my surprise. So I browsed a bit and found this. I will just briefly say that I have (had ) two PANDAS boys. Onsets age 4 (severe) and 7 (mild/moderate). This happened after they both had strep in August 2007..... onsets were weeks apart. Our world was turned upside down....to put it lightly. Fast forward 7 years. Ages 11 and 14 now and BOTH sons are absolutely thriving......not even the most seasoned PANDAS parent would ever guess in a zillion years either of my sons ever had an issue. Hang in there. Time is your biggest healer.
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    P_Mom got a reaction from GoodLuckIris in My thoughts on PANDAS and related conditions   
    Wow...ThANKS! I had contacted you a week or so ago regarding my two sons about PANDAS. I am going to call to schedule an appointment soon. That is the fully the best write up I have seen by far. It is SO aparant to me all these kids DO NOT have the same issues, cause, deficiencies, etc. So nice to see the different types....it makes so much sense. I feel that is why these kids present differently, different immune systems and responses...hence...different reactions to therapies. It is NOT a catch all for these kids. Thank you for realizing and posting on that!!!!
    You have no idea how much this is appreciated by all.
    Like I said when I spoke to you......you are going to become A VERY busy man. Thankfully so!
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    P_Mom reacted to qannie47 in Request for success stories please!   
    p mom Thanks for sharing! These success stories truly transcend hope. While I had great success with IVIG as you all know. I truly felt like it was the t/a that was as important, if not more beneficial then even the IVIG.
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