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  1. Hi everybody, I have read much about nutrition's Impact on tics and behavior and possible allergies. But I am still lost to choose the right approach. We are trying Finegold now but I feel that a real allergy test and seeing a specialist would be best. I urgently need a recommendation for the Cambridge/Boston area. Who can help??? Thank you so much!!! Steph
  2. Hi Chemar, Thank you for taking your time to reply to me! I will also check the options for individualized testing. But at the moment we do not know anybody who could make it. Perhaps I will find some suggestions in the Forum. (We live in the Boston area.) All the best, Steph
  3. Hi everyone! First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you for this great Webpage and book. I have been looking for such a resource for years already!!! Our son is 7 now and he has had Tics sice he was 3. It started with mouth streching which has always been the dominat tic. There was also some shoulder shrugging and some other things. Even if - luckily - the tic havn`t become worse but slightly better over the time, it is still there with ups and downs, ie chronic. I still don´t know what exactely the trigger is but I suspect mainly noise and stress as possible Triggers. He reacts very sensitive to loud noises and does not wear short leaves, only long leaves even if it is hot. The tic started when our son entered pre-k. He catched a cold and first we thought, the mouth streching was due to that, but it remained. All that began in a phase when we started building our new house which was a pretty stressful time. There was also a big conflict with a new teacher then and the tic (that was almost invisible) became very bad then. Our son become very withdrawn, didn´t cooperate, refused everything, etc. I really paniced - what had happend? We went to several doctors and got the typical answer "don't worry, many children have that, etc." But I couldn't stop worrying. Two years later he suddenly bent his body for a couple of days. That was awful and I was so concerned. But this tic disappeared. He is very careful/anxious in social interactions but smart, happy, funny and challanging at home. Sleep is very good. He sleeps deeply and relaxed, but quite late. We have moved from Germany to the US recently and it seems that he managed all These changes well. We also have a daughter (9 y) who doesn´t have tics but she is very sensitive as well, and often anxious.However I really want to know what is behind all that. All this Information in the book and on this site is a little bit overwhelming but I understood that looking for triggers is the most important starting point. We have always eaten quite healthy, reduced sugar, normally no processed food, no dyes, etc, But nevertheless I am thinking about introducing a good diet for all of us. I found Finegold before (which let me to this site) but here I see that Failsafe is recommended. I would be so grateful if you could advise me what option would be the best in our Situation. Does also Failsafe has a food list? What is better against tics? Thank you so much!!! Steph