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    kmacdonald34 got a reaction from mmiglio in Won't drink water   
    When my daughter had her initial onset, refusal to drink was a symptom. She did not want to go the bathroom so she refused to drink and we ended up at ER for dehydration. It went away after a couple days. I think it is a symptom because one of the drs we see asked at the initial consult if my dd was restricting food or water.
    I second the popsicle or milkshakes or lots of fruit. The fruit has water and will help with her bathroom issues too.
    I know you have had a rough road lately so I hope you get some relief soon.
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    kmacdonald34 got a reaction from SSS in Pandas appt   
    Yesterday we took Emma to meet with a dr who specializes in Pandas along with a lot of other areas. She was fantastic. She completely understood my concern about Emma possibly having a Pandas/Pans reaction (though more likely Pans reacting to pneumonia). She ran a ton of blood tests to see what might be going on. She also wanted to look at Emma's lungs and possible allergies because of the respiratory issues she has been having. The pulmonary test showed that while Emma is not clear cut asthmatic, she is close and respiratory illnesses will probably hit her harder, which they do. Turns out she is allergic to dust mites, cats (stinks that we have 2) and cockroaches (who even knew this was a possibility!). She was so thorough it was great. At the end of appt. she recommended I see the 2 main dr. at the Mass General Pandas clinic and have them look at Emma for Pandas/Pans.

    Then last night at 8:30 she called me after getting some of Emma's bloodwork back. She said one test flagged high (I forgot name and it was hard to understand her but maybe immunoglobin?). she wants to start her on antibiotics to see if it will address OCD. She is also going to call the Pandas/Pans clinic and make sure Emma is seen within in 4-6 weeks.

    The dr was great. She listened to my concerns and was so thorough with Emma and looked at everything. I cannot believe she called me at night when she could have called me the next day but she wanted me to get the results as soon as I could and knew I would be waiting. So while it looks like Panda/Pans might be the answer (not sure how I feel about that, good to have answers but Pandas/Pans can be tough) I am just glad we are on the road to getting some answers. It was also nice to have a dr listen to me and really investigate all areas.

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