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  1. sorry I miss wrote that, it is 2% probability of relapse I have since edited it, 73% is the percentage of non relapsing patients.
  2. I am curious I have been researching chances of relapse and this page seems to indicate that if given treatment for a year (did I read that right?) or is it the stats were taken a year after treatment...that there is a very small chance these children will have relapses if the original strep or whatever bug is taken care of..I believe she said 25% had a very minor pickup in symptoms with only 2% of the 200 have a complete relapse...so how accurate is this? does anyone have facts and percentages of what the chance of a relapse is? I am doing everything I can for my boy and just am looking at
  3. I am spreading the word as much as I can right now and trying to do it smartly. We dont know where we are at on this path, its just frustrating that doctors will fight over this all because their textbook in 1959 didnt say anything about pans/pandas and so it couldnt possibly be true. Well Guess what Autism was controversial too, open your eyes people and lets help out the sick, you know the job you signed on to do . also the bands he tested positive for is IGG 23,41,58,66 and IGM 41. I asked the doctor about co infections and he said not to worry if augmentin helps brayden get better
  4. Oh and other thoughts I have read That if caught early and treated if they do have flare ups they will be less severe then I read that each flare up will be more severe no matter if they were treated or not!!!! ahhhh the circles I am going in, I am driving myself looney.
  5. I understand that this is a new disease and that they are still learning about it, its just frustrating to me that they arent doing more...how about stop spending money testing if eggs are good to eat in the morning and test on this stuff, our kids are suffering and the family is as well!!! My son is 7 years old, before christmas he got sick (puking, fever, squirts and everything) two days later he started a confession of sins and then the thoughts came on board, he told me all about how he likes girls (pretty much everyone he could think of and didnt want to leave the house due to seeing gir
  6. Okay another update...I originally said AMOX but I was wrong its augmentin he is on week 3 of it and is doing awesome, he has had one intrusive thought ( we brought the new baby home and he had one bad flare up but he was also going to the doctor and said when he goes there now he thinks about all the things that he was thinking before) other then that he seems to be doing great...A little hyper at times and a bit agressive at times, but we are also having the worst winter we have had and I think Cabin Fever is realllllly setting in. Anyways Doc is keeping him on 1000 augmentin (1 pill twice
  7. okay got the blood work back friday as I got in early because really well my wife could go any time and I also wanted to start treatment asap!... The bands that reacted according to the test were IGG 23,41,58,66 and IGM 41 The Doc we are seeing said he wants to treat with a heavy dose of AMOX for one month and then lower it for 2 months after that...I am reallllllyyyyy hoping we are going in the right direction here. We started treatement friday night and sat. night he had a very little 5 minute flair up of thoughts and then that was it....other then that he has been back to himself
  8. another update. We had our appointment on the 21st of this month and the doctor was interested that B's Symptoms were going away so fast...he did blood work and called me yesterday and said that it showed elevated lyme in his blood. So I am assuming this is the lyme that has done this to him? The doctor said at the appoinment that we should do Ibprofuen for 2-3 times a day for two weeks just to see how he does and go from there, but when he called us back with blood work he wants to see him on Tuesday and said something about antibiotics....I am going to call him back as my wife is 9 months
  9. Just a little update. After a pretty decent night last night (he was in a really good mood, and returning to himself...a little hyper at night which is normal for him what kid wants to go to bed, and the cowboys won so he was excited) we were nervous of how this morning would go as he is back in school for the first time since this all started. He woke up and came in our room still upset saying he was thinking about it (his obtrusive thought is girls and other stuff) which means he is having bad thoughts...I prayed with him and he asked to watch tv which is the FIRST time in two weeks he has
  10. Yikes I don't know if I came across as just hoping this stops so I don't have to treat as I will be treating I am just looking for Rays of hope as pandas resource website makes it seem like you can treat infection (like for a while) and things can and will get better. I have a Drs name from Bedford ohio I think that is a pandas specialist I am just hoping for some relief for my child...he has had a okay day today aside from not wanting to go to church afraid there were girls there (that's one of his thoughts is he is in love with every girl) and of course the confessing of "sins" he has done.
  11. I should say could he not will he sorry
  12. Will he get better on his own right now? Just curious about that as I have heard people say it went away after x weeks..it has been two weeks for us now...I will pursue diagnosis no matter what just curious what to expect from here...he has no physical tics just obtrusive thoughts ocd
  13. Also giving him ib profuen is okay to help him get as close to his old self as possible for right now Is okay correct?
  14. So let me ask this, he seems to be more mild and I have been giving him in profuen the last two days and it is helping...if we can get in asap and get treatments going (if it is pandas of course) do most kids return to their old self and control it with antibiotics to a certain age? Sorry for so many questions I just love to get info and thank everyone for their time.
  15. I have found someone named Michele Snyder who does a support group for kids with pandas ocd here in akron..I am trying to get in touch with her now..how much do you guys think you have put into doctors cost per visit? Just curious..thanks everyone...I have read that with treatments and maturity of immune system people can grow out of this disease is that true?
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