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  1. Hi - Well - I'm a case of going to two different doctors and hearing different things. My psychologist has diagnosed me with bipolar disorder (with hypomania), and my family doctor said ADD and gave me Adderall. I do think the psychologist is right with the bipolar and "hypomania" when I look back over my history, it makes a lot of sense. I fit enough symptoms so convincingly that even I have to admit I think he may have a point. What is confusing, is that the Adderall I began taking at the same time for the ADD is HELPING with the hypomania... not exaggerating it. For whatever reason, when I take Adderall I feel calmer, more focused, more reasonable, fewer racing thoughts, no "grandiose" thinking, and I focus better on my children as well. I enjoy things more - no constant "to do" list, I can slow down and be with my family. My husband backs me up that all the symptoms I had with the hypomania seem to go away since the Adderall. Has anyone else had this experience? All I can find on the internet are people who say Adderall made their bipolar infinitely worse and unmanageable and advise stopping the medication. My doctors seem to feel "let's not fix what isn't broken". I have experienced SOME side effects - dry mouth, loss of appetite... but Adderall does not seem to affect me like it does other people even in the more common ways - like I have no trouble sleeping, even if I take the dosage in the late afternoon. Can anyone share a similar story about Adderall or am I pretty much a freak of science? I seem to have stumbled into something very improbable, and am worried. Thanks.
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