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  1. searchingforhelp, I'm sorry you've had such an issue with that one doc. My regular doc has brushed so many things to the side so I can feel your frustration. I mentioned getting tested for lyme, but he totally blew it off. And yes, I know Lyme is often misdaignosed with MS. I worry about finding a doctor that specializes in lyme as far as insurance goes, so I'm hoping that I can find a way around that! Someone else mentioned lyme to me. and i've also heard that not everyone has the bullseye rash or even remember getting bit! I guess it's just can symptoms occur years later or flare up a wh
  2. I grew up on Long Island (still live here). I do have 2 cats and 2 dogs (always have). I've never been camping, but I have been hiking. I went away on an overnight class trip when I was 10 for 3 days at this wildnerness place in Upstate NY, in the woods. I've also traveled a lot on the east coast for soccer tournaments. I don't ever remember being bitten by a tick or getting a rash or anything though. I do have physical symptoms and I actually just went to my doc yesterday who referred me to a neurologist. MS came up in a conversation once but nothing else. My general bloodwork is good. I'm e
  3. Hi there, I am a 23 year old female. I've been doing quite a bit of reasearch on PANDAS lately, and everything is just pointing to it. I developed a sudden onset of severe OCD at the age of 10, followed by a sudden onset of Anorexia at age 15. I also had PLMD at age 16. And at age 21, I started getting tic like sypmtoms and body movements (I'm not really sure if they were present when I was younger as well). As a child, I was in the doctor's office almost every month getting a throat culture for strep or had some sort of ear infection. I was sick quite often as a child. I even remember having
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