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  1. Faith , Im using klaire labs also, bottle 60 pills NAME: ther-biotic comple 25 billion and 60 pill of Saccaromyces Boulardi 3 billion supplement. 100 pills,Thats a good price too. Thanks The ones that I saw from Iherb the 10.99 also sound good. You think they can work just as good if there not refrigerated? It got very good reviews.
  2. Hi kim Thanks I looked that up on iherb and it cost 10.99 check it out. She is on the ones that goes in the refrigerator. He put her on two different kinds. Each bottle had 60 pills and he said to take two twice aday. I actually thought there was only 30 pills, but still cost alot. The ones that you recommend sound fine after she is done with this and im going to take it too.. Thanks kim
  3. Can anybody recomand a good probiotic. My daughter is already taken one, I bought it from the doctor for $70.00 , should last anywhere between 20-25 days. He said he wants her to take it twice a day but half the time she only takes it once. The bottle says one time a day so it's alright with me. I don't mind spending that kind of money on my daughter but now I need one and I jus't can't afford that kind of money. I hope one day the insurance company's pick up some of the Tab. I know some give you money towards going to a gym. thanks Maryann
  4. Hi Ruby , Can you tell me more about this yeast guard. Who makes it ? Is it a pill? My daughter has the same problem with constipation and she did test positve for yeast in the stool. She is now taking probiotics. thanks for your help maryann
  5. Cheri, thank you so much for recommended the www.iHerb.com site. The prices are great! Has any one ever tried digestion essentials by Peter Gillhan, it's 4.97. I would have never showed any interest in it but it is made by Peter gillhan who make Natural Calm. This is not a digestive enzyme. They also have the cocunut oil im going to order for candida and digestion. I have been spending so much money on vitamins, intestinol support, probiotics, digestive ezymes. This site is going to save me some money. Thanks again Cherri! I told my neighbor so we are ordering together so we will have no shipping and handling! I really would of made the $60 for shipping and handling on my own. Im ordering Natural calm im getting 16oz for the price I would have paid for 8oz here.
  6. Hi That makes sense. My sister and I get blurred vision from sugar. I never thought of it that way, energy and the sugar itself, thanks.
  7. Hi , I'm looking over my daughers comprehensive stool test and digestion and absorption is in normal range. My doctor told me to observe what my daughter 's is eating. Yesterday she came home form school, she had small package of organic cookies (gluten), then she had whole wheat goldfish, then for dinner we had ravioli's(no sauce). She had all Carb's, 5 minutes after the ravioli's she doing the Huh sound for about 15 minutes. Then she gets nauseas, then half hour later belches and she feel fine. Shes says she gets that all the time when she eats to much. I always noticed that too. Never really pin pointed it to carbs. Her digestion and absorption came out fine. My question is celiacs have malabsorbtion, so does that rule out celiac? What's the difference between celiac and gluten intolerence?I don't know if you read my previous post on her SigA results which is means : Secretary igA is secreated by mucosal-associated lymphoid tissue and represents the first line of defense of the GI mucosa and is central to the normal function of the GI as immune barier. Elvated levels of sigA have been asssocited with an upreglated immune responce. normal range 51-204 mg/dl she got 446. I started researching celiac because of these ranges but then she normal on the digestion so, im confused. Do you think she could be celiac/gluten intolerence? Like always thanks for your help! Maryann PS> She also started the probiotics yesterday morning. I thought of that being something different but it was right after she ate so I don't know. I can't wait ro speak to her doctor , I want the IGG test this is to hard to figure out. Thanks again
  8. Maryann, I don't know if it is true, but I will tell you that was my son's symptoms all the time before we changed his diet. It is a weird, sort of spontaneous belching that went on even hours after eating or drinking anything. It was almost a hiccup like belch, not a loud, long lasting belch as what you would expect after drinking pop. Anyway, he also used to poop undigested food (corn especially) and had frothy poops frequently. He also has a major issue with corn. The belching could be celiac/gluten intolerance, but could be due to corn or something else. I agree it is the food, though. Caryn Hi Caryn, My daughter has the small hiccup belches too, but she also has the long and loud ones. I just called sage labs. I want her to have Igg test for allergies and immune. I hoping this test is as good as it sounds. I'm waiting to here if im covered or not it is very expensive. I am covered for Igg if I go to quest. I just thought this test sounded such better, since she has problem with her gut. Thanks
  9. Thanks Chemar for the info. Do you think she should still take the probiotics? Question do you know anything about the above IMMUNOLGY? I feel wierd asking this but this is another question I forgot to tell the doctor. When I saw my daughters stool it had lots of wholes in it like small seed shaped. I don't know if that was important to tell him. I figured I got the stool test and it would tell me if there is a problem Then, my girl friend calls and asks if she could be celiac and asked if I told him about the wholes in her stool, so it got me wondering. Im always wondering! Thanks again for all your help
  10. Hi again- In regards to the above , my daughter taking the probics for the yeast.Capsules. What is the difference between taking that and taken something like Canida clear that Chemar son took. I think that is the name. Is she going to get a increase in tics? This is probably the slow way of doing it. Again- Im so mad at myself for not asking questions. Im mad because I just should of said I want the Alergies tested. I waited two months to see him. I find out so much information here and I am so thankful. Maryann,
  11. HomeResourcesAsk Jenny! Ask Jenny! Ask teach2talk™ co-founder Jenny McCarthy any questions you may have about her journey with her son, Evan, and how the video modeling and other instructional techniques used in teach2talk’s™ products have helped Evan and may be able to help your child. A Resource for Parents with Questions About teach2talk™ Many of you have called or emailed to let us know you’ve read Jenny’s new book, Louder Than Words, and have been touched or inspired by, or can personally relate to, her story of her journey in healing her son Evan’s autism. Many others have called or emailed to let us know that you appreciate Jenny stepping forward to bring more attention to children with autism and other pervasive developmental disorders as well as other deficits. Jenny does her best to read every email she receives, but she’s only one (very busy) person! So, Jenny and Sarah got together and decided to create a place on the teach2talk™ website for parents, family members and others who have a child with autism in their life to ask Jenny questions about her own experiences with Evan, including how the video modeling and other instructional techniques used in teach2talk’s™ products have helped Evan. Jenny will read all of the questions submitted to her, and once a week she will select one of the best questions to answer right here on our website. That way, all of our visitors will be able to read and have the benefit of her answers. How to Ask Jenny a Question To ask Jenny a question, send her your question clicking here or email Jenny at askjenny@teach2talk.com with the following information: First Name Email Address City and State Your Role (e.g., Parent, Relative) Your Question! If you do not include all of the required information, we’re very sorry but we will not be able to use your question and Jenny will not read it. If anybody wants to Tell Jenny there stoy I found this-Maryann
  12. Hi, I tried calling my doctor back. He is not going to be in the office until Tuesaday. He did not say anything about gluten. When taken the probiotic supplements should I keep her off gluten because of the yeast. Im really concerned about the immunolgy. Normal range was 31-204 and she is 446. The below is description of sigA: SigA: Secretor Iga is secreated by mucosal-associated lymhold tissue represents the first line of defense of the GI mmucosa and is central to the normal funtion of the GI as an immune barrrier. Elavaed levels of sigA have been associated with an upregulated immune responce. I really want the allegies tested. I don't think we can figure out these food allergies. I think she has more than one. Anybody have this stool test done. When she eats alot she belches. These are not normal belchs. She gets nausea first. My friend told me this is one sign of celiac. IS that true. I googled it and read all different signs but could not find that one. I might have to wait until Tuesday, im upset with myself for thinking of these questions when I get home. Thanks Maryann
  13. Hi, I just got the results to my daughters stool test. Immunology, sigA was 446 reference range 51-204. IT says levels of sigA have been associated with an upregulated immune response and Intestinal health markers under yeast she got Moderate, Refernence range none -rare. I was surprised with the yeast because she took the spit test this morning, came out fine. Can any body tell me about SigA. He put her on capsules ,2 times a day of saccharomyces and ther-biotic complete for the yeast. For the SigA ,He feels it is food allergies and told us to try to find out what is upsetting her stomach. HE has a Dan conference to go to and he will talk about igg test when he gets back. Any information any one can tell me . My daughter actual is doing well , she does belch alot. I thought it was from when she over eats and her food was not digesting. Her digestion/absorption can out normal. He told me to contiue the digestive enzymes because vegetables fibers came out few. Normal range was none-few. oh-well any help would be appreciated. thanks Maryann
  14. My daughter 14 and she did have the varicella vacination. What is your opinions on what to do next. Get the vacination(booster) or not. I have a friend who's sister in law did not have the chicken pox and when one of her children got the chicken pox she got sick and passed away. How bad is the shingles, and can they still get the chickenpox if they had the shot. Which way do you go , your like in a no win sitution here. It's scary.
  15. My daughter did have the shot for chicken pox. I was just thinking about this yesterday I had a blood test when I was pregnant with my son because I really never new if I had the chicken pox. I had only one chicken pox(mark) ,and it went away and my mom sent me to school the next day. I remember the teacher sent me down to the nurse and they said I could stay. When I was preganant it left me wondering did I really have it and the blood test showed I did. I remember when all my daughters friends got the chicken pox , she was around them all. She had the shot and I wished I never let her get it. I knew this was going to haunt me one day. When I was pregnant and got the blood test the insurance co did not pay for it it was a $160. I think the insurance company should pick this up because these kids should not of had these shots. I'm so mad. Just venting. Maryann
  16. Hi, How about the weather. My daughter went to florida last year and her tics increased. She definetly cheated on the way she ate over there but I also wandered could it have been the heat. Just a thought. Maryann
  17. Hi CSP I agree with Emma it's harder on the moms. Don't feel bad by turning away . I always felt the eye tics where the worst. I use to look and my daughter felt me looking and that upset her. So, your doing the right thing. It will go away soon, my thoughts are with you. Maryann
  18. Thanks everyone for your help and advise. Maryann
  19. Chemar your right. IT has both. It was the seventh iingredient and I missed it. I really don't know what im going to give my daughter to drink. We are constantyly arguing between taken the vitamins. The intestinal support is a drink she mixes with grape juice in the morning and night. Water, I just don't know what to do. I did get her to add 1/3 water to the propal. It's a constant fight. Thanks for the ALERT.
  20. Spring water is supposed to be the best water to drink. I try to buy cases of Fiji or Evian if they're on sale for us to drink. Spring water has naturally occuring trace minerals which are essential for many neurological processes in the body. I also have my ds drink electrolyte waters or Penta water as we do NOT drink Gatorade, etc. I found a supplement for electrolyte replacement called Ultima Replenisher. It's sweetened with Stevia and my ds likes this. It's my compromise for the Gatorade. I allow him to drink this for football games or tennis, but not as an everyday drink. Hi, I looked up the ultima Replenisher and showed my daughter . Im going to order the berrybanna. It's will be good for summer , I get nervous with the heat. I wanted to ask is that wrapped in foil. The doctor told her to stay away from foil. If it is , ill have to ask . Thanks for the info Maryann
  21. Chemar, I found this,I hope it's true. I did tell my daughter she has to start deluting her propel with water . She agreed 1/3. Better than nothing , it's hard at this age. Is sucrose syrup an artificial sweetener? In: Individual Ingredients ANSWER: No. Its natural table sugar in a liquid solution with water. When parents started complaining that the number one ingredient in most breakfast cereals that their children were eating was sugar, the manufacturers started using all the other names for sugar. Sucrose, glucose, corn syrup and many more. They're all natural.
  22. Hi Chemar, I thought this was the only flavored water without splenda, I always try to stay away from splenda. It has water, then Sucrose syrup. Is that splenda? Please tell me it's not, because if it is I don't know what im going to give her. Thanks
  23. Hi, My daughter suppose to drink a gallon of water a day. She doe not , and it's a arguement everyday. She does not like water. She drinks 6oz of plum juice a day. 1 or 2 propel(flavored water) bottles day. and 16 0z of half grape juice and half water a day. That's it. Not enough water. She's 14, im constantly on her back and I hate it. Before my daughter had tics she lost her vision for 5 to 10 seconds. Which we found out was , she did not drink enough water, low blood pressure and not enough salt. She has not had that since, but year later she did get the tics. I feel water is so important. I wish I could go back in time and changed the way I did things when they where young. Well I apologize for rambling. I'm also interested in the best water to drink. Thanks Maryann
  24. Hi, I'm always thinking about the genetics part of why my daughter has tics. Around 5/06 started with neck and shoulder tic. Then went away completely until she had her shots 11/06, 5 weeks later came on strong and has not gone away since. She does have it very mild now. Im more concerned with her stomach issues and vitamin defencenies. Well back to the genetics, I have OCD but she does not, is that commom? I watch discovery show on tourettes and they said 30% of tourettes have ocd or adhd. It seems from reading these post that percentage should be higher. My Nero asked her if she had any signs of ocd, or is she moody. She is moody but mostly with me and she does lash out sometimes. I do not know if thats just a teenage thing. Thanks Maryann
  25. My daughter had a mole, shaped as a lake with bumps around it. Little larger than a pencil eraser. When the doctor saw it he said he never saw a child have this kind of mole. Scared me! Tested everything fine. Also; when she had the ticcing with her neck and I did not know it was a tic I took her to the orthopedic. When he gave her the x-ray, he sent her for a MRI because he said she might have extra bone. The doctor sent me to pediatric orthopedic specialist and she had MRI. He sent me for MRI for the pain not for what ever this was on her neck. I kept asking about it and it was like no concern. After she got the MRI I asked what is on her neck, he said it is either calcifacation or benein tumor. Nothing to w0rry about if anything was wrong it would light up like a christimas tree. Now, of course since this topic is here im doing some research and benign tumor should be watched. This doctor is suppose to be one of the best so im confused. I'm a little confused about this topic but it is interesting if there is some kind of connection.
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