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  1. I do need to add... to the best of my knowledge I do not have Lyme or Mycoplasma. My son does. I have not tried to water fast with him. If I did, I would make sure a doctor supervised it. I have never fasted more than 3 days myself.
  2. WOW! Thanks everyone. Another question... my son has corn, rice and wheat issues per his food testing. Can you do a tincture without any of those items in the alcohol? I'm guessing not... but curious if you had any knowledge in this area. If not, I may need to stick to boiling water. He's 7, so that will be a hard pill to swallow for him. Thanks!
  3. Thanks everyone. I am trying to figure out... Do I deal with the insane amount of methylation issues before the Buhner protocol or do I handle the protocol first (or do both at the same time). We started methyl B-12 and methyl folate and my son can not tolerate them. We switched to Hydroxy B-12 and he can't tolerate that. I know that mycoplasma eats up his B vitamins, so I am going to try Adeno B-12 next, but if that does not work, I think I will be forced to start at the beginning of his methylation cycle with Amy Yasko's program. Any thoughts on this? We are trying to execute the nutrition in Buhner's book. I have not bought the herbs, yet. And I heard Raintree is out of business. Did you make your own herbal remedies, or did you buy them? pre made. My son can not have corn, rice or wheat--- among a bunch of other things, so I think I will be forced to make my own. Also, did you all work with Julie? Or did you work with Tommie. Or did you go at it alone with the book as helper. Thanks a million!!!!
  4. Contact True North (California) for a free consult (doctors supervise all fasting). I have studied this topic immensely and I find it intriguing. I have fasted myself on and off for 3 years with great results. There are wonderful books on the topic.
  5. Thanks Rowingmom, I could not figure out where to go to email you privately (again). I am pretty new to this site. Thanks for responding both privately and here on this post. I have a doctor who is familiar with methylation, but we are definitely still having issues. We just got his 23andme results a month ago. We have LOTS of issues with detoxing. Do you have a recommendation? Thanks again!
  6. Following. We have reached out to the lady that Buhner referred on his website. We also have MTHFR and multiple other variant genes.
  7. You can email Dr. Yasko and someone will send you a link to upload your 23andme results for a do-it- yourself program. I did mine last week.I have not had time to read it all yet. Wishing you the best. The Lord has been directing our steps, too. Praying helps:)
  8. I read a post a while ago about Stephen Buhner's book and protocol, "Healing Lyme Disease Coinfections: Complementary and Holistic Treatments for Bartonella and Mycoplasma". I downloaded the book and it is extremely informative. I am trying to schedule a consult with his referral (Julie) for 2 weeks from now. I am curious if others have tried this approach to kill mycoplasma and if it was successful. If so, how long did it take and do you have any suggestions. Thank you. Heidi
  9. Hello friends, This is going to be an unusual thread. I am new to this whole disorder. My child is 7 and I will get my child's lab results on Monday. We are testing for PANDAS and other potential viruses. My question is this... has anyone ever used the Hippocrates Institute in Florida to treat this illness? I have been into the natural medicine/ alternative therapies world for my own autoimmune illness since 2009 and I am very familiar with this retreat/resort, etc. (There are hundreds of youtube videos if you want to research it). I never would have spent the money for me, but since it's my child, it's a whole different ball game. Their testimonials are fantastic!!!! I am entertaining this treatment along with many other options. My concern is his... this would be hard on a 7 year old ... boring and long (3 weeks in a hotel environment, wheatgrass, living foods, educational classes, etc). If I decide to do it, I would have my child bring a DVD player with headset to entertain him while he sits next to me throughout the classes. If any other mom's are considering this treatment, it would be nice to have a child for my son to play with. I have spoken to Brian Clement (the founder) and they will treat children. Anyway.... this is all in the air. I have not even spoken to my husband about it. But just wanted to see if any other families have tried this approach. If we try this, it will be soon. Maybe in the next month or two. I am looking forward to hearing back from you.
  10. Thanks everyone. All your advice helps.
  11. We have an ND that we have been using for diet changes to help with Tics, etc, and she uses Berberine (a natural antibiotic) with her other patients when an antibiotic is needed. (She has never treated PANDAS.) ND's can not prescribe in Georgia. We are still "interviewing" MD's on the phone to see if we can find one familiar with PANDAS. Has anyone used Berberine to treat PANDAS? If so, was it successful? Thanks. Heidi
  12. We are testing for Strep today. My son is starting to hate needles. Is there anything else I should test him for (like Lyme) at the same time to eliminate the need to come back and draw blood again. He throws a temper tantrum which is not good for all his tics and stress levels. I am new to this. I am reading "Childhood Interrupted". It has been eye-opening. I just realized what the possible situation was last night and I am overwhelmed to say the least. Any referrals or advice is appreciated. Thanks. Heidi
  13. Hello all, I just joined the group. My 7 year old son is being tested for the strep strain today by his pediatrician, but I need to find a doctor who will take a PANDAS patient. He local doctor knows nothing about this illness. I have called 2 already and they are not accepting new patients. Any recommendations? Thanks!
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