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  1. Hi, I live in NC and am my son is being treated at Duke Hospital, and my nephew, with antibotics. We see the Pediatric Infectious Diseases department. Email me and I will give you a name - heveritt1@yahoo.com
  2. I just read this blog about someones kid getting better with glutathione has anyone read it? http://autismwithrhonda.com/glutathione/ Anyone ever heard of this?
  3. I have been dealing with PANDAS with my older son since he was 3 (he is 8 now), however we did not know exactly what we were dealing with until he was 4. What is crazy about your post is that I have never seen anyone say anything about Impetigo and Pandas. I use to always be on this forum and after we gave up and put my oldest on antibotics perminatly (been 3.5 years), unless there is an outbreak, i don't go on here much. anyway, after 3 months with crazy behaviour with my 4 yr old son, depression, anger, crazy mood swings etc. He also kept an ear infection, sinus infection, you name it..
  4. Ok, so we have been treating my older son 8 for 3.5 years now for PANDAS. He has pretty clear symptoms, a eye tic and ADHD symptons with some others, but the minute he starts blinking we know it is on. I was hopeing my younger son 4 would not have to go through this nightmare, but he has had months of these severe mood swings that go along with a low grade fever, then it was a sinus infection, now that same nagging ear infection that has never gone away. But the ONLY sympom is his horrible mood. the irritibality, wakes up mad, goes to bed mad, just pissed (like the orginal post said) all th
  5. Hi Lisa, I am in Raleigh. I have been on and off of this wonderful forum for a few years now. I usually come on now only when we are having another episode. We have been dealing with this since my son was 3.5 yrs. He turns 7 in a month. I have tried everything, every kind of doctor and would love to share my story (I have typed it in several times). my email address is heveritt1@yahoo.com if you would like to chat over the phone, I can send you my home number. I was lucky recently and changed doctors and come to find out the doctor treats her son for PANDAS, so that helps. Good luck
  6. Hi there! We had a stall on the tonsillectomy surgery because DD ended up with strep. She received two weeks of antbiotics, and then had the surgery. After the surgery they gave her antibiotics for recovery. I'm not sure if they dosed her up at the hospital with any antibiotics in her IV, but after about 4 weeks of antbiotics in her system she seemed good to go in the mood department. Her surgery was in May 2007, and the 9 month antibiotic course began in early September. She had a couple slip ups during the summer, but in August 2007 was when we noticed the turn for the worst.
  7. Hi there, My son is 6.5 and this all started when he was 4 yrs old. We have done several diet changes also, but recently we decided we could not tell much of a difference having him off os dairy and wheat to we started back again. I guess it could have weakened his immune system right about the time I let the antibotics lapse. I am headed to the doc today to have my throat checked since I am alway sick too. I take him to the doc tomorrow to beg for mor Zith. I will say that after 2 days he was MUCH better, then this morning I see it again already. But the behaviour has settled some.
  8. I just took my son off his daily dose of amox in the beginning of Sept. He has been good for 6-8 months (seemed so long, I can not remember). I thought things were good. Well, I brought home strep in my sinus's, put him right back on his anitobics and it was to late. He is having such a bad episond right now I am so mad at myself for trying this. Once I get it under control again, we will keep him on a daily dose for a long time.
  9. Interesting article. The inhaler is not supossed to actually cary any of the antibotic to my blood stream, so I don't get the usual side effects. Still good to know. I wish both of us could just get off of antibotics. It is crazy. I am calling the doc about me again today, I have the drainage, etc coming back. I might ask for the throat culture just to be safe. I just wanted to make sure that you're aware of the potential for tendon problems assoc. with cipro. It now has a black box warning regarding it. I have taken cipro for UTI and had no problem. It was prescribed for my
  10. Thanks for the response. I changed doctors last year after it was evident that our current ped was a bit tired of us and really did not know what to do next. He actually suggested long term antibotics, but at the time I was not interested and thought that was crazy. I did end up at a different peditrician who actually treats her own son for PANDAS. She made sure his titers were high before prescribing long term( since he never had a positive throat culture). I am going to try and get in with her this week to see if she will change the zith from 5 days to 15 or 20. As for my strep issue, I hav
  11. I have not been on the post in a while, my son was in a remission for about 8 months. I have fought with the idea of having him on long term antibotics and after a very long fight with the tic and behavior the doc prescribed 800 mg of amox. I had it made at a componding place so it would be die free. Just thought I would share what I think was my latest mistake, "I wish I had not", experience. After 3 months of the amox, things are good. I decided it was time to see what happened if he was taken off. He was off for 3 weeks. In the mean time, I developed another bad case of sinusitus and was no
  12. Hi, I have not been on this forum in 6 months or so. We were in the "clean" stages> we have been dealing with PANDAS 2 or 3 years now. We have neurologist, thearpist, naturopath, you name it. Lately he has been fine so I decided to take him off his preventive dose of Amox. During that 3 weeks I got sick with another sinus infection(I am cronic) and after a dose of antibotica and steriod I was no better they did a culture. Sure enough, I had Strep in my sinus's! I immediatly came home and put him back on his antibotics, but 3 weeks later he came up with a cough, etc. I took him in and she w
  13. I did try Bright Spark along with the Focus Formula - I made the mistake of the buy 2 get one free. I am not sure if it worked or not. It seemed to do OK, but I took it to my naturopath and she said the Focus formula had alcohol in it and she suggested Deproloft and Nutri Add (which I buy from her). she said that the Native Remedies have not been clinically studied, but that Deproloft and Nutri ADD had. I just started to worry about buying over the internet somethign for my child. it should be fine though, I showed to the pediatrician and the neurologist and both said they had seen other peopl
  14. Hi everyone, we have a long history with PANDAS and we are having another round right now. I just got back from the neauroligist and he went over some numbers from when he had a bout in February. I am so mad, since the neurologist said ASO was fine (120) but that the Anti DNASE showed a detected level, but that they don't treat strep and sent me back to the peds. My peds said it was not elevated, so I did not treat him. I did give him some silver colloriad and Grape seed extract and it got better, but still was around. About 2 weeks ago the tic came back during the day more and the behavi
  15. 'Jasminky' Hi, My son's tic is back and the behavior is terrible again. Like night and day in a minutes notice. What behavior's did your daughter have with the tic and has this suppliment helped with the behavior?
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