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  1. I just bought CW plus. Can you elaborate on therapeutic dose. Thank you!
  2. I saw nobody replied and I don't know whether you still come on the forum but it depends on the severity of the Bartonella infection. My son's was bad along with the Lyme. It took us a couple years of various treatments. Fatigue was debilitating but he did come out the other side.
  3. Son is functioning with lyme/bart and is currently in freshman year college! I know he still has mast cell inflammation from this disease. He couldn't tolerate the japanese knotweed, even at low dose. What would be the next best thing to take. I just started dao histamine blocker, but was wondering whether quercetin is better. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.
  4. We've had the most significant improvement with artemisinim. This also produced a strong herx so we have gone very low and slow, very low dose and i'm actually seeing improvement past our 75% improvement level. Also if rowingmom sees this i want to thank her for mentioning diatomaceous earth for detox. The ticcing has calmed down alot!
  5. After being in this awful trip of lyme/bart/babesia for over 5 years you think I would be more secure in some treatments. However, not doing enough for detox, I find myself a little late in the game and needing some guidance. I follow your knowledge and tips rowingmom. I just started son 17 on de/cilantro, very very low doses, and am seeing just a slight upswing in tics. Please tell me to keep going and this is normal. This is just day 2. Thanks, Kathy
  6. I really want to try this for my son, I am just slightly confused as to best one.
  7. I totally agree with bart die off causing most of the ticcing. The strangest thing i have witnessed is when my son had bart psych issues the tics stopped. I always prefer the ticcing at this point. I think the artemisinin gets to bartonella as well as babs.
  8. I am right there in fustration with the tics. Son has improved so much but the tics are stubborn. When we go off the herbs things die down and have ceased. But we are treating with artemisinin and cant afford to stop right now. I was going to try zeolites-av and see if that may help. But the bart is relentless with neck and face twitching... Kathy
  9. What was the DE you mentioned in a previous post and info on the cilantro tincture. Thanks so much
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