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  1. Thank you beerae, Your breakdown of the drs are helpful. Do you know anything about Ohara's practice? I'm confused as to what they actually do. Update: we just got all the labs back. The Dnase was neg, the aso was positive but the dr said they did the wrong test and it didn't give a measure of how positive it is. He has never been treated for strep in his life. He's 6. He isn't having any symptoms now so is it safe to take a wait and see approach and if he starts doing crazy stuff again do the right labs and hope they treat him based on that? Is it safe to say the stinkin flumist proba
  2. Those CO drs supposedly want to hear from people who have similar symptoms to the CO kids. I think there's 4 kids in the north east too dealing with something similar. Very scary and heartbreaking:(
  3. Hopeny I tried to send you a pm but got an error saying you couldn't Receive any. Are you able to tell me more about how Oharas practice works? I was kinda confused when I looked at the website.
  4. So I called Bouboulis and the receptionist said I have to bring my entire family in and have everyone get bloodwork. We are a family of 7. She said 800-1000$ per person. Ok so 7000$ not including the appointment before I even talk to the guy. Really?????
  5. Lyme was done through Quest. I am not sure exactly what they checked for. The recent CBC and strep labs haven't come back yet. How long do the strep labs usually take? When they come back I will ask more details about the Lyme too. I guess I should just call and get an appt with Dr. Bouboulis. The neurologist ordered an MRI to put my mind at ease. But he would have to be sedated. Do you guys think that's necessary at this point?
  6. Thank you so much for all of your replies. I am in CT. I've read Dr. Bouboulis is great but also read he has a very long late. I am hoping that if the blood work comes back off, they will just treat him. I don't know what to do if they don't.
  7. Hi Everyone. I am wondering if pandas is what is going on with my son. A brief timeline: End of June he had a bad sore throat with white patches, fever, & headache. The throat culture was negative. The dr was even surprised. Since then he had two itchy rashes that started on his face. Dr wasn't sure what it was. Said maybe it was poison ivy and we treated it with prednisone because it was near his eyes. The last time he had this rash was 11 days ago. He also got the flumist when I brought him in for the rash. THe next day he had stomach aches and was just crazy. He was very emotional. H
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