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  1. Hi, We recently got results of Cunningham Panel. D1: 1000 D2: - Pending Lysoganglioside: 80 Tubulin: 4000 Cam Kinase: 174 The test doesn't mention Likely or not likely due to pending D2 assay results. My son is 4.5 years old with Autism. He is non verbal , vocal stims, OCD, Visual stims, cognitive delays etc.We did Lyme testing through IGenex Western Blot. IgM: 41 +, 31- IND, 39- IND, 83-93 - IND IgG: 41 + CD 57 : 10 High Coxsackie titers : 1:400 Ref: <1:100 We are doing some Biomedical treatments through DAN doctor for past 2 years and none of the treatments really helped much for his vocal stims, visual stims. He is still delayed with cognition, speech. Can I know if anyone has got similar results of Cunningham panel and got diagnosed for PANDAS ? Treatments that really helped ? I really don't know which doctor to see and where to start with these results? My DAN doctor doesn't pay much attention to Lyme/ PANDAS/PANS. Thanks in advance
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