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  1. Thank you everyone! I'm going to see a neurologists when I get back from vacation. Thanks, Sandy
  2. We are not sure if he has pandas but my ped is going by an elevated DNase, me thinking I had strep a couple months ago, him complaining of a sore throat, and a sudden onset of an eye blinking tic a few weeks later. Since he had no documented case of strep, she let us try the antibiotic. After about 6 days, eye blinking tic is 95% gone. However, now he is doing something weird with his mouth. Like a stretching of his mouth and nose. He mainly does it watching tv, and some in the car. It's a strange looking thing he's doing. Like a fish almost! I gave him benydryl yesterday, maybe that's why
  3. I am definitely planning on checking this out. I'm meeting with someone that can check for irlen syndrome or photosensitivity when we get back from vacation. Thanks, Sandy
  4. Also, I realize that in pandas cases, kids can become a different child. Could it be with my sons case, we caught it super early, like within 1 1/2 months, so he didn't have time to reach that point?? Sandy
  5. He had a normal ASO titer, elevated DNase, neg strep culture. His only symptom was a sudden blinking tic, mainly seen while watching tv. It came out of nowhere! Doc says the elevated DNase means he's had strep within the last month or two. I had what I'm certain was strep a couple of months ago. It was a Friday and I was lazy..I did a home remedy of cayenne pepper, garlic, and honey. It took care of it by Monday. My son complained his throat hurt one day and then if was gone. I didn't think anything about it...didn't even know about pandas really. He's doing great now. The tic is getting bette
  6. I think the rash on his face was from the epsom salt baths. I've cut down on the baths and started finding his face. He's good now! So Ive read here, there, and yonder that 5 days wasn't enough if he truly had pandas. My son finished his antibiotic 2 days ago. I didn't think if necessarily helped until he was finished with the azithromax. I've noticed a huge decrease in his tic. I spoke with my ped this morning and she agreed to give me 5 more days. Even though she did some calling around to our childrens hospital immunologist who said antibiotics were not the way to treat. He said someth
  7. What you said is what I was thinking:)) it is mainly when he's watching tv. I just thought maybe that was his trigger. I'm now done with antibiotics and we are still in the same boat. I am no longer thinking PANDAS.
  8. beerae22, I'm watching him today and now I think maybe I'm not seeing a decrease. Maybe yesterday was just a good day. For what it's worth, this eye blinking tic, is mainly just during the time he's watching tv/iPad. This doesn't really occur when he's playing minecraft, which seems weird. I'm thinking it may have something to do with his concentration. Minecraft isn't a fast paced video game, he moves things around and builds. I'm so confused.... Sandy
  9. Thanks y'all! I do think I'm seeing some improvement in just 24hours. He was prescribed azithromax for 5 days. Our ped is open to learning and offered to make some calls to discuss with the immunologist at Children's. Should I request a longer period of antibiotics while we try to sort this out? There is only 2 doctors on the list for Ga that I saw on the Pandas Network. Neither would be covered by my insurance:(( My ped seemed fairly knowledgable but admitted she doesn't know a lot. She seems eager to learn and help though. Thanks, Sandy
  10. beerae22, I'm not here for a debate on vaccines. I appreciate your other advice though:) teamtyrion, I actually did buy the Ultimate Flora 30 billion. I'll definitely start slowly. I have been giving him epsom salt baths but he's getting a rash on the face. His body is good, just the face. I've stopped the baths until it clears up. Could be totally something else but just in case!
  11. My 4yo has an eye blinking tic when watching tv. He rarely does it otherwise. What does this mean? If I get rid of the tv/iPad movies will they disappear? I'm so worried. Nobody in my family had tourettes as far as I know. I do have cousins that have had a couple of tics, one with a vocal and one with a facial. Both disappeared after 6months to a year. One was specifically related to a stressful competitive gym situation. He can play games on iPad or tv and not have them. His favorite game is minecraft. Not a single tic during this time. We are investigating Pandas as well. His strep t
  12. Does that confirm Pandas? I posted my story below today but now im wondering about the antibiotic. I started my 4yo on this med today. Just curious if we have success, does that confirm pandas? Sandy
  13. Also, any particular probiotic brand recommendations? I see the Sachromyces Boullardi on Amazon. They have some for kids as well as adults. Is the adult version ok? Sandy
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