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  1. Thank you so much Chris for your reply. It's nice to know that I'm not alone in this. Also, your input on doctors is valuable to me. I have a lot of hesitation about rushing my son to the Pediatric Neurologist since it might result in a long list of prescription drugs. I feel anxious because I know really, the best thing is to do is 'wait it out.' My first concern was it might be seizures (but he is mentally present during the tics) and PANDAS (he has no indications of infections according to the Pediatrician, plus he has no psychological symptoms consistent with it such as OCD). I will read Roger's book. Thanks for the recommendation. Minimizing the stress factors and improving bad habits in diet and sleep will be quite a challenge, but I know with persistence and awareness, I'll be able to do it. To all those moms and dads out here, how did you deal with your child's school situation and extra-curricular activities? I really don't know where to start. I thought of totally taking out his extracurricular activities but my child is now the one insistent on doing them (karate and camp). We are about to tell his camp and karate teacher about his tics, but I'm really more worried about this coming school year as his tics are too frequent not to be noticeable. Jane
  2. I don't know where to start - I'm new to the forum and I hope someone can give me insight about my son. I am very depressed and desperate and have been losing sleep over this. My son who is seven years old, very suddenly started having tics before his first karate class. He told me before that he didn't want to take karate, but my husband and I believed it would build his confidence so we tried encouraging him. He was very anxious about it and when we arrived at the school, he started shaking his head from side to side, stiffening his jaw and twitching. It is a series of movements and can be quite distracting. He told me before the class he was nervous but I sort of dismissed it, saying that he'll feel better once he gets settled in. He's always been very scared of things and dependent, but lately he's been more confident and doing things on his own. So, I thought it was just a nervous twitch but it's been a week now and he has shown no signs of improving. It's a non-stop tic and he does it every couple of seconds. There are times when it's not as frequent (one or two per minute) but as the afternoon and evening progress, it is almost every couple of seconds. He is not fully aware about it and does things like before, but whenever he is aware, he tells us that his neck feels weird and he can't stop it. He holds his head between his hands. He thinks he only does it a couple of times per day and we mostly pretend we don't notice it so as not to give him a complex. We brought him to a pediatrician on the third day of his tics but she said that he wasn't coming down with something and just gave us cards to contact a neurologist if it worsens. I contacted one last week but we had to get the referral approved so we'll probably only set an appointment this week and I don't know what the wait time is. Right now, I don't know how to make it better and if it'll get better. I'm full of worry about my child's future. For you parents out there with kids that tic/have tourette's - how did you deal with it? Other than improve his sleep and give him supplements like magnesium and B6. I also asked my child if karate and other things were giving him stress but now he likes karate and doesn't want to quit it, tics and all. I'm almost afraid to go to the doctor because he might just tell me to wait it out and see if it sticks or not. My son has a lot of friends and is doing well at school, and it pains meto think that if his tics worsen that he'll be bullied, made fun of, etc. Please advise.
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