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  1. Not sure if you had answers about a good book. Chidlhood Interrupted- 'The complete guide to PANDAS and PANS, by Beth Alison Maloney, has been a great help to us. Also, 'Your Child has Changed. Should you consideer PANDAS?' A booklet you can buy online from Latitudes.
  2. Hi Ozimum I looked in the top right hand corner but can't seem to find a private message from you in notifications or messenger? Maybe I am looking in the wrong place? Looking forward to hearing from you.
  3. Thanks for your replies. Much appreciated. Just wondering, Ozimum, who you see in Melbourne, as we are in Melbourne too.
  4. We are in Australia, where it is very hard to find a Dr who believes in PANDAS. Our 12 yr old daughter's tics come on when stressed about eating ( she has had extreme weight loss, including re-feeding in hospital, and we have to work hard to keep her intake up) Her tics also increase when under any other stress, such as getting her back to school or even trying to get her to come out of the house with us. She doesn't generally have tics at other times. Her tics involved her arms, facial grimacing, stuttering etc. Can stress bring them on like this?
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