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  1. I am just starting on this path, and found Dr. O in Charlotte NC. But she does not file ins. and is cash at service only. Is that typical? Our adoption assistance will possibly make payments directly to providers, but the medicaid must deny first. If the dr. won't even file, I lose the access to $ that could make services even possible. Am I going to run into this everywhere I go? Any NC dr. recommendations? Thanks Marcy
  2. What has been your experience with medicaid coverage for this? Do any PANDAS dr.s accept insurance/medicaid? Thank you Marcy
  3. Anyone have experience with ODD and PANDAS? We are really strugglling with ODD with our 8yo ds. Wondering what this looks like in other PANDAS kids. Thank you Marcy
  4. I am hoping you can advise me of treatment I need to investigate for my son, Wilton. Wilton is 8.5 years old. When he was 2 years old, he had strep and experienced what I believe was a PANDAS episode. He stopped talking and only hummed, he stared blankly and rocked, and made piano fingering motions on his blanket. When we took him to the peditrician, she immediately gave him an antibiotic injection. He seemed back to normal by the next day and the Dr. would not commit to a diagnosis of PANDAS. Since that time, Wilton has developed a set a behaviors that, after some research, I am wondering could be linked to that PANDAS episode. At age 3, Wilton started stuttering. While he has been in speech therapy for 4 years, the sttutering is persistent and at times severe. He has been diagnosed with severe expressive language impairment. He has been diagnosed with ADHD. He is extremely active and lacks impulse control. He is a persistent bedwetter. And also has occasional soiling accidents. He has not been diagnosed with ODD, but has consistently displayed ODD behaviors over the years. These have recently gotten worse, hence my research. He is extremely argumentative. He sabatoges activities when they are going well, then goes into a rage and reuses to participate. He responds to simple questions with screaming. He hits and throws and hurts friends when he is upset. He sneaks and steals snacks from the pantry and other family members. He has recently started stealing candy from the grocery store. And he lies about the stealing and about other situations. He does not have what I consider to be tics, but he has certain movements that he seems compelled to do. Most notably, a kick/leap that he often does when running or walking--but not jerky at all, very coordinated. Also, Wilton was adopted at birth and we have no knowledge of his family history. On a side note, I am a mother of 6 children and have been a foster parent to over 20 more. I am familiar with age appropriate behavior and development, and his behavior is very concerning to me. Is it possible that any of this is related to that one PANDAS episode? Should I seek further help from a PANDAS specialist? I have an appointment with my new pediatrician, but I don't know that he will have a clue. Can you suggest someone in North Carolina? (although I am willing to travel) Any thoughts you can give me are greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Marcy Hoggard
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