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  1. My daughter gets more tics with anticipation, anxious events. she tics SO much at the zoo, amusement parks, etc. anything new and sort of exciting i notice her tics get worse.
  2. It's scary to read your post as it sounds like we have the same child! i wrote you earlier, but dr murphy's extensive bloodwork looked at things like toxins, liver function, etc. i do believe that DAN doctors do that other testing but am not sure. i do know that dr murphy and her partners combed my child's peds records and found every infection she had, lots of ear infections, strep, eczema, constipation, etc. They diagnose her with most likely pandas, ts, ocd and adhd although right now i think she's pretty mild and doesn't present with significant tics. our issue is mostly the sep anxiet
  3. Yes, my family is in total denial and still to this day thinks my daughter is fine and that PANDAS, etc is in my head. I had my eval report from UF (over 6 pages) and showed my sister. i am trying to be better and not caring what they think. they can think i'm nuts i guess. our parents generation didn't talk about anything and didn't question much and didn't go out and search for answers...keep on keeping on and try not to let them get to you!!!! [
  4. YES, our daughter has a lot of rage that comes on suddenly and she gets really angry. I mentioned this to our specialist in gainesville and she was explaining to me that these kids have a lot to bear and take on all day long. it is very frustrating to them. our daughter has a lot of separation anxiety and the dr's were saying if that is your world that is so much to hold in yourself when you have fear like that. she was on prozac for a while and i must say it helped, but we did take her off of it. look at what the rage is---is it due to lack of attention/unable to concentrate, etc...anoth
  5. I just wanted everyone to know that we went for our follow up visit/evaluation results meeting at dr. murphy's office at UF in Gainesville. They recommend a book called "Talking Back to OCD" by John Marsh. I have ordered it so i don't know if it's good, but i wanted you all to know it comes highly recommended.
  6. get magnesium citrate. and have him take Omega-3 supplements as well as a vitamin with added minerals. read labels, get trusted vitamins. nordic naturals is a good brand. go to a health food store and read the labels as there are additives in some vitamins. clean up his diet---try to cook fresh, avoid boxed foods. also, cook with flax seed and sunflower oil. just a few things to try, but of course read all labels and keep a log of what you try and what seems to help your boyfriend. [
  7. we saw dr murphy at UF as well. we have been for my daughter's evaluation and we go back in two weeks. i will learn more then. they took four vials of blood from my daughter---when i looked at the lab sheet i saw that dr murphy ordered MANY tests/screens with her blood---not sure what they all are but i know some were lead/mercury testing, etc. we saw a neurologist and were very unhappy with the lack of a treatment plan for our daughter and their disregard for supplements/diet--and we saw a top neurologist at a highly regarded children's hospital. I will know more about the blood tests on
  8. We were on prozac for my daughter's extreme anxiety. the tics continued (were weren't on a med for the tics) but the anxiety was SO much better. we were on the prozac and i wasn't aware of any supplements at that time. Then, when i started her on the magnesium citrate, coromega and a vitamin with minerals (and cleaned up her diet, although it's not that clean) we saw the tics decrease significantly. We went to NYC on vacation for a week and i got to the airport and realized i forgot the prozac. i called her psychiatrist and they said it wouldn't be a big deal if she misses a week. when w
  9. Coromega is the brand i use...i got it at the grocery store near the pharmacist---it's the omega 3 you need...you can also go to coromega.com Hang in there, my daughter is like your son. she can be so wonderful and loving and then will rage. My daughter was on prozac which helped a great deal but we recently took her off and are doing only supplements. i don't want to use the prozac unless i really have to, i will bring it up at my next dr's appt. You're a great mom, try to be patient...easy for me to say...it's so difficult sometimes and the swings are incredible. none of us are perf
  10. hey itsme- yes i have a question. what do probiotics do? also, where do you get the nystatin? is that a pill? is that for yeast overgrowth? these may be obvious questions but i am curious as this may help us.
  11. the OCD part is the hardest part, which in our case is of course due or goes alongside the TS. Our daughter is highly anxious and worries ALTHOUGH she is horribly disorganized and falls apart easily at home. getting her to do anything is so hard for me. math is extremely difficult. i had a tutor this summer and it went well but it was very expensive. i do think that kids with tics are very sensitive and have great senses of humor. Our eight year old has such an "aware" sense. she's also very funny...but i do find that i have to remind her. two steps are hard for her. she does well at
  12. dr murphy at UF recommended "Nordic Naturals"--they are called "nordic berries" it's a multi with minerals and doesn't have all the added dyes/colors, etc that some use. nordic is a great brand. i also have a multi that my other child takes that is made by nature's plus and it's a gummy called Animal Parade. again, they are natural flavors. one child likes the taste of one and the other likes the other! but i do know that nordic naturals has a great reputation.
  13. from our experience my daughter tics more at home---i think she is just more comfortable and she can "let her hair down" and be herself---when we have gone to disney or universal her tics seem especially high, maybe it's the excitement your son feels with the video games and he is at home and can let it out--- on the anxiety bedtime issue my daughter is so anxious at night, she asks me where i'm going when i leave the room, am i going to go outside, where will i be when she wakes up, etc. i get tired of reassuring her all the time as it doesn't seem to help. we go to church and one time i b
  14. my daughter, looking back (she's now 8), was always so sensitive to clothing and didn't want to wear certain things as she said they were "itchy" or "scratchy" or the tags were bothering her. Of course i was impatient and had no idea what was going on. she also had/has excema. i wouldn't panic or anything, she may just have sensitive skin---our tics didn't surface until she was over 5. i do wish i could go back in time and not be so insistent that she wear certain things! try not to worry and be understanding if she doesn't like a certain collar, tag, etc. try not to worry, it may be a n
  15. you make an excellent point---all of our children are so different as are our families, schools, etc. I agree with you totally. The public school inclusive classroom is where we at at this point in time as well and I am determined to stay involved. Who knows what tomorrow holds and we'll adjust as needed. I admire your determination and support!
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