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  1. Hi there, we have been to the clinic in Burlington--we found her not helpful at all. We ordered the very expensive 23 and me kit--and she literally looked at 3 pages out of the 20 and blatantly said " well you need to deal with your tourettes", also "try elimination diet". ugh--sorry for the bad news. I recommend the book available here-- as well I have just ordered the "Hemocode" to see what the results are for him. hopefully that helps.
  2. about the magnesium... does anyone know a over the counter recommendation for the dosage/company?? i also heard that B-6 and multi-vitamin help as well! thanks
  3. Hi there, is this the UHN Clinic at Toronto Western Hospital? I am wondering for the treatment ended up going? My partner is 26 and on the list to be there soon--how are the doctors? anyone else have an positive results?
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