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  1. I know this is an old post, but I wanted to add my two cents for other people reading this. 18 g was just the dose used in the studies. The effects on OCD are on a continuum (more than 18 g may work better, less may be less effective). 18g a day is the only dose studied for OCD, and although lower doses may help, it's not something that there's any literature on. SSRI's help with OCD at lower doses than the "official" ones, which likely means that you will get some benefit (although maybe not the most) from taking less than 18g a day. anything 12 g and above is probably close enough to give some benefit (just an educated guess however) On the issue of whether 18 g is alot, whether something is a lot is relative to the substance. Inositol is a naturally occuring sugar and people eat way more than 18 g of sugar each day as part of thier diet. So there's no reason to think 18 g will be harmful as far as we know. Inositol is not well researched long term (most supplements aren't). But as far as we know , based on the current literature, there have not been any negative health consequences on 18g a day. I believe there is a 12 g a day study recently conducted which went for 2 years (for a different condition) which also did not show safety concerns at that dose. 12 g is not 18 g but it shows a higher dose over a 2 year period which apparently did not cause harm. Good luck
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