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  1. hello everyone, its been a while since I have been here but I just wanted to thank everyone for there help and support. a while back I thought I was dealing with PANDAS because of numerous things I was going through such as nervous tics, light problems and much more, I found out it was all due to psych drugs, which im currently almost off of and doing a little better. but I just felt I should post this and say thank you to everyone and I hope everyone the best. thank you very much.
  2. Hello Does anybody know of a good allergist in Florida. Thank You
  3. Hello I have been dealing with my condition for almost 3 years and for the past year and a half I have been seeking help and psychiatrists have been prescribing meds. And at first I was very skeptical but I decided to go ahead and give it a shot. But this past year and a half has been nothing but one med after another just causing side effects and some really bad adverse reactions (Some destructive and some life threatening) But drs kept saying that the meds could not be doing that and I am probably avoiding my anxiety. I have now stopped taking Zoloft a month ago as it was causing severe restlessness, depression and increased anxiety on top of my existing severe ocd. I felt alot better at first but the side effects still haven't left. and I feel like this whole experience has traumatized me to the point where im afraid to even talk to my psychologist out of fear he is going to push more meds on me. And after doing a little research (Knowing that the drs weren't correct) I have found that everything im going through is clearly adverse reaction. And I guess the small window of relief I had after stopping zoloft made me realize what was going on and how bad things were which caused a lot of stress about being back in that position and I shut down. I am just afraid that my current psychologist is not going to believe me and he is going to try to put me on medication and its making me not want to go back and see him. after looking back this past year and a half has caused me to become defensive and shutdown to everything, and to top it off im trying to make it through a lot of side effects from medication. I am 24 so I have been pushing myself to work but I feel like I just need a break but my mom neither understands what im going through. she cares and is willing to help but she doesn't understand, and I have avoided talking to my father after he said I was fine and need to man up. I feel like I don't know where to turn.
  4. hey guys thank you for the response. I live in Florida and am currently going to the rothman center for cbt that hasn't been helping much. my psychiatrist that suspected Pandas gave me an Aso titers test that was 385 so he gave me antibiotics for one month then stopped and continued with Zoloft. I asked if I need anymore tests an he said no. I also asked the rothman center if Tanya murphy could refer me to someone else that can see me and I never got a response back. and I recently got an immunoglobulin test from an allergist but I don't think he thinks there is a connection. but he tested igg, iga, and igm. but there were only three numbers and I thought there were subclasses and other things involved. But I did find a environmental physician that may be able to help but I don't know.
  5. Hello So I am 24 years old with severe ocd and was recently suspected to have PANDAS and I am feeling very frustrated. The psychiatrist I saw who suspected PANDAS ran an aso titer test once and prescribed me Zoloft. the Zoloft ended up making things worse for the third ssri in a row. so I recently contacted the office where I go for my anxiety which also is a center that specializes in PANDAS and I cant be seen because I am over 18. So I asked for a referral to a specialist that would see me and had no response. So I asked the psychologist that I see at the center for some resources and he referred me to another psychiatrist for more medication. I am really confused what to do because the people that are able to help me are not allowed nor can I get any information from them which is making me really frustrated. so I have searched up and down for help and I just feel extremely overwhelmed. my psychologist is telling me not to search for doctors but the doctors I am seeing are not providing me with any help at all. they just what to keep trying different meds and one failed attempt after another has made me severely hopeless. I don't think im looking for anwers as much as I am looking to just rule this out but (excuse my language) this whole situation pisses me off. And both my parents work full time to pay the bills and they don't know much about this either. So I almost feel like I have no other option but to just give up. so I guess what I am asking is that if someone on here over the age of 18 that has these issues, knows somebody that can give me a second opinion, or run test's to shed some light on this for me? I would greatly appreciate it. because all of this stress is driving me up a wall. Sorry for the Rant. Thank you, ken Ken
  6. Thank you very much for your reply. Yes I think its my anxiety getting the best of me. And at the moment ive been alittle too resourceful on the matter.
  7. Hey everybody, I am in therapy for my ocd and lately its has been pretty severe. So during one of my sessions my therapist brought up the topic about the flu shot and caused a lot of anxiety and worrying even though ive never worried about it before. he wasn't implying that I should get the flu shot but was just discussing the topic, and my views are different than his on that subject. But i just shut down instantly and felt like i don't want to go to therapy anymore after we had that discussion based on the fact that i would never get a flu shot because i feel they are not necessary. But it has just caused a lot of worrying and doubt weather my opinion is right or not which has caused me to do a lot of research. but i found out that this issue is a little more controversial than i thought. And at the ssame time its causing me question whether or not therapy is going to help me. If anyone has any advice i would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. Ken
  8. Yes. Once I found out strep doesn't necessarily cause it I had a feeling that my reoccurring sinus infections might have something to do with it. plus a lot of them went untreated because I did not like taking anything for my infections. Also I found out that both sides of my family a little history of autoimmune illnesses. My father's mother had severe lupus, and my mother's sister and mom have thyroid issues. Plus my older brother has been suffering with his own issues for a while as well.
  9. My doctor gave me I think Zithromax 250 mg. But he is also trying to up my Zoloft, and I am kind of hesitant just because of past experience with ssri's.
  10. Thank you for your knowledge. But yes, I went ahead and called the rothman center because that is where I go for CBT but they said Dr Murphy only treat pediatrics. kind of frustrating. But I will ask for a recommendation, thank you very much. I am glad I found this psychiatrist, but he expressed to me that he knows a little bit about PANDAS so I was just looking for someone who is more experienced with PANDAS to work with.
  11. Hello. Thank you everyone for knowledge and advice. Thank you for your knowledge. But yes, I went ahead and called the rothman center because that is where I go for CBT but they said Dr Murphy only treat pediatrics. kind of frustrating. But I will ask for a recommendation, thank you very much.
  12. Hello Everyone, This is my first time posting here and sorry if its all over the place. But I have been dealing with OCD and anxiety for almost two years and recently stumbled upon some new information. I just recently switched psychiatrists and during my first visit after telling him my story he came to the conclusion I possibly might have PANDAS. The reason why he thinks this is because I still remember the exact day and time this all began two years ago and the panic was so abrupt and intense it stopped me in my tracks from then till now. Also he notice some possible facial tics that I wasn't aware of. But I am also suffering from severe insomnia, fatigue, and just withdrawn from my life. So I took an ASO test and the results were above normal but have never had a strep throat in my life. But as long as I can remember ive always had severe sinus infections and seasonal allergies, some to the point I needed MRI's. And after my psychiatrist asked me if I remember anything prior to the onset of my OCD and about three weeks prior to the initial onset I had a severe sinus infection that I went untreated. And I have taken ssri's that have exacerbated my symptoms which led to doctors thinking I was bipolar, but once stopping the ssri my condition improved. im just a little flustered right now because my psychiatrist just instantly prescribed antibiotics without any further tests being done. And I was wondering if there was any further tests I could do to kind of get a definite answer? I live in Florida and Dr. Murphy is right around the corner but I think she is strictly pediatrics. But I feel like some things are being overlooked without the proper diagnosis and im worried that by taking antibiotics it might alter any further tests that I take. And to top it off the whole situation is just causing more worry and anxiety. I guess my question is if so what other tests can be done and if so where can an adult get these tests done. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you Ken
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