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  1. In case anyone is following this or experiencing this, I would like to update that as of today, tics are once again gone. His usual pattern. About 4 days and then months without.
  2. Thank you, Chris. I appreciate the input. I am going to try some different oils on him and we are starting epsom salt baths again tonight. My son just so does not show OCD type behavior. He is the exact opposite, if that makes any sense. I've noticed the sound dying down today. Interestingly, it is the same sound he was making last may when i posted. It's more like a weird gulping. My husband tells him he sounds like a baby dolphin. We are trying to make light of the situation because this is the first time he expressed feeling worried about other people noticing. Before this, he di
  3. As an update, my son(now 8) has been tic free from last June, until now. In the past week, he has started with the throat clearing/low gulping type noise. Coincidentally, he has just been hit with about 3 separate virus' in the past month. Again, my pediatrician believes, like she always has, that these are triggered by a physical feeling(for example, his throat on clinical exam is red now) and that he has to "work them out". I know she's right, but what exactly does this mean? My two daughter's get sore throats too but they don't "tic" for days. It's been nearly 6 months since his l
  4. cara615, how is your son doing now? Have you seen continued improvement?
  5. And now they are back with throat clearing a weird sigh sound. I haven't let him have the iPad or any games for weeks as I thought that was the original trigger. I am feeling sad now and hopeless. Every time they go away, I think *maybe* this will be the end. It's so weird. He was completely tic free for over 3 months from Feb through the end of May. Now they seem to be cycling fast. All vocal. ONe will last 4 days, switch to another, last 3 days, switch back, last 3 days, etc. They are very mild. I don't think anyone else would notice them, but for me, it's all I can notice! His d
  6. Well, just as quickly as it came on, it left. Just about 4 days and that's usual for him. He probably won't have anything for months. Now that I'm not consumed with stressing about the sound he was making, I can try to think clearly and dig into this a little more. His tics seem to coincide with cycles of being very hyper/having tons of energy. Not in an ADHD kind of way though. Just tons of physical energy. We removed the iPad forever as my husband really feels that brings this on for him. For now, he's tic free and back to his calm self. I am starting some my research.
  7. Thank you for your post. I truly believe my son is being triggered by something. I know there is no stereotypical TS patient but he just doesn't seem to fit the behavior description from what I've read. Maybe he has a mild form, I don't know. I'm worried about having him "diagnosed" as I don't want this to unnecessarily put him in any category. I find it very interesting that people are misdiagnosed as having TS when it could be a result of aomething else. Thanks again for the info.
  8. Hi everyone, I am really hoping to get some advice as I am concerned and confused. My 7 year old son, for the last year, has been experiencing some tics on and off. I first noticed an eye "stretching" as he would call it. This was last year. I took him to our pediatrician and she felt it was due to allergies. She confirmed that he had allergic rhinitis which she said was a finding that he always shows clinically. At this time, he was also experiencing very loud and obstructive snoring which ultimately lead to a tonsillectomy last summer. Clearly, he has seasonal allergies and always
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