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  1. I gave my son first dose of candex mixed in yogurt this evening as oat test showed high yeast. He has woken up in the night crying with a new sniffing and coughing tic. He has never done this before and is crying as he cant sleep. Have I made him worse forever? Is there anything I can do?
  2. Gave my son first dose of candex mixed in yogurt this evening as oat test revealed high yeast. He has woken up in the night with sniffing and coughing tics that he has never had before and definitely never woken in the night from.have I made him worse forever, I don't know what to do to help him. He cant sleep and is crying from feeling so uncomfortable. I wish I had never given him the candex.
  3. I have had phone consult with Dr t. My 5 year old started ticcing in march last year after sore throat and then suspected chicken pox. I have just tried a trial of augmentin with no results. Dr t recommended a 10 day trial of acyclovir. I have not had any tests for viruses done as some ate unavailable in the UK. I am worried that acyclovir could worsen symptoms. I was just wondering what peoples experiences were. Appreciate any responses.
  4. Thanks for your response. I will look into this.
  5. My son started eye blink and head jerking tic in March this year. It started following an ear infection in Feb, followed by chicken pox, followed by another ear infection treated with antibiotics. Since then he has had many tics including scratching, picking nose, nail biting, sniffing, facial grimacing, burping. I live in the UK, and getting any help has been difficult. I tried to investigate PANDAS and saw a paediatrician privately who did a blood test (aso titresi think) which came back negative and he basically discharged us. I have cut out tv/vdu which initially helped with the eye blink and head jerk tic. This tic is now back with a vengeance, the head herking can be quite vicious. I have no idea why this has returned. His diet is good, no junk, he has had acupuncture with little effect. Normal EEG. Am desperate. My son only turned 5 in August and this is breaking my heart. I currently give him Saludynam (mag/zinc/cslcium/vit D) and Kindervital multivitamin. Any help in how to alleviate these tics would be much appreciated.
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