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  1. My2sons, We are vegetarian, so I don't have any experience with organics meats. That's terrible that they are spraying them with gmo during processing, how frustrating! We have found that we thought that she was sensitive to certain foods. We thought that she couldn't have dairy because she seemed sensitive. We also thought for a while that it was the gluten. Soy seemed to cause her to react. What we have found, is that it is just the pesticides, but not the food. She is so severely sensitive to pesticides, that even if she has a small exposure, she will tic. Fruit of all kinds is a big
  2. I am new to this forum, but I want to share our success story with eliminating 99.9% of tics with my daughter. I noticed my daughters tics last year, when she had just turned nine. It started with shoulder shrugging and throat clearing and blinking. It then moved onto hopping, jumping and arm jerking. She would often drop things and had trouble reading since she snapped her head back sharply and her hands jerked the pages until they tore. She would swing her arms and accidentally hit people in stores. We did research, went to neurologists, tried supplements, gluten free, dairy free, cran
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