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    Little League Baseball Coach looking for advice and tips on coaching a child with TS <3

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  1. I am so grateful to have found this forum. I coach a Little League baseball team, and one of our players has TS. He is a wonderful player, and a very happy kid. Our players are not phased by his facial tics, however last night, for the first time we had a problem with verbal tics. He was repetitively saying "shut up!" He plays second base and is does well at that position however our short stop became very defensive, not understanding that the phrase wasn't aimed at him or why the child kept saying it. I am looking for advice from parents/coaches. At the start of the season we had no problem with verbal tics and his parents informed us he didn't have any. I believe these maybe new and early stages of the symptom (from resources I have read). I am basically looking for tips on how to make playing a great experience for him while easing some anxiety (or even the excitement) that increase his tics. I plan to speak with his parents as well, but I would love some input from other parents/coaches. Thank you in advance <3
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