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  1. Hi chemar, Yes, after reading through several forums on this site, I thought perhaps the home improvements we are doing is causing this flare-up. The renovations are due to wrap up this week so that, in addition to running the HEPA filter in his room and keeping windows open during the day, may help...hopefully. In regards to PANDAS, his symptoms did not hit all at once and severely, it has been gradual. Since his adenoid removal, his sinus problems have completely disappeared. His pediatrician did a strep test on him...twice...and both came back negative. From what I have read on PANDAS,
  2. Hi, I am new to this forum and looking for some guidance and support in regards to my 8-year old son. About 2 years ago (Fall 2012) my son had his adenoids removed (because of constant sinus infections). It helped tremendously. But a few weeks after his surgery, he started clearing his throat quite often. I attributed it to residual irritation from the surgery and the ENT told me that was probably the case. The throat clearing stopped after about 3 months. Then he started with what I can best describe as eye-widening for no reason. I actually called the ENT and asked if that was no
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