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  1. I am a special educator researching associations who offer programs that remediate learning disorders. My goal is to become certified in one of these programs and then go into private practice. My dilemma is that there are so many programs out there; I am not sure which one to choose from. Some, I am currently considering are The National Institute for Learning Development, The National Association for Child Development, the Handle Institute, The Dore Program, and PACE. I am wondering if anyone knows someone who specializes in working with individuals with learning problems, who would be familiar with these programs. Would greatly appreciate a reply! I am trying to make an informed career decision, which will allow me to offer the best services possible.
  2. Hi there, I am a special education teacher, and from what you described it sounds like your son has signs of a learning disability. I am in the process of researching several alternative therapy programs that have had success in perm. reversing these kinds of problems. My goal is to eventually become certified and then go into private practice. At any rate here are a few that I know of: Handle Institute, National Academy of Child Development,(NACD), The National Institute For Learning Development, The Dore Program, and PACE. I would suggest once you have your son evaluated enroll him in one of these programs. The school system is only going to give him a work sheet and a strategy. In the long run that is really not that helpful.
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